The Allure of Backdrop City

I had to go an see it with my own eyes, the place that was so driven by drama of late. I have thoughts, some of which I’ve shared on plurk. They are as follows.

This place is truly a bloggers paradise. It’s an insane resource for those of us who do this as vocation in SL. I think it’s a rather lovely thing to provide to people. It’s not unlike some of us who go to sims decorated just for photography.

I don’t throw my backdrops away. As a blogger, I keep them ad infinitum because I never know when I might need that dragon turtle station wagon surfboard set again. So I keep them. I mention this because apparently there is a belief that we throw them away. I guess some do. I do not.

What this place HAS done for me is introduce me to MORE brands that I need to patronize and give lindens to because THEY make really great stuff.

Today I learned about Bruja and I’ve got a note to look them up. I don’t know this brand, but I found this really fun set at the Instagramish area of Backdrop city. Finding new and different vignettes to blog in is always a win. Of COURSE there are always going to be people who simply use this resource and don’t go patronize the shops. But that’s ok – that is what this is here for.

If you consider that there are people who strap scenery prims on their backs and go stand on pose stands in pose stores – this is TRULY not something out of line for bloggers to do.

What this place actually is &# (Read more...)

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