Nightmare into Art

I don’t have a lot of fears and phobias. In fact, I can assuredly say my list of these things is very short. But one thing that I struggle with is the horror show that is OCTOPUS.  This creature of the sea is one of the few recurring childhood nightmares that I can recall. I’m told it’s probably because of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. I have not bothered to watch this movie to verify this fact, however. If it is – I don’t want to know.

I was feeling a bit of whimsy today and pulled out some VERY old jewelry, from a brand that was called Fresh Baked Goods. This brand was so cute back in the day. Looking at the bracelets now, I’m wondering how big my avatar wrists used to be? GOOD GRIEF !! But still, incredibly cute.  I think it’s probably been gone 8 years or so. But I loved them back in the day.

My skirt today is something I got from Azuchi – Sands released a great, practical skirt for UBER this month. He releases for Maitreya but I’m a rebel and am wearing it with SLINK. This doesn’t always work out due to body shape and what have you but, this time it did. YAY.

I do what I want.

I’m also wearing new eyebrows today, from Adam N Eve. Sachi Vixen released some new eyebrows that you can wear with Catwa, Lelutka or also Omega i think if that works better for you. I’m wearing set 5 today.

Now I’m going to spend my day exploring, I see LAQ is having a sale. I probably need things.

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