This Round is Uber-Fantastic!

You heard me right, this round is Uber – Fantastic!  Your favorite designers have really outdone themselves this round.  From skins to home and everything in between you are sure to find some must-have items.  Stop by Uber before December 23rd, to see this Uber- Fantastic round!


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MIA:  Canimal, Elev8, Hucci, Phedora, Song, The Loft


ANE - boots/fatpack, 240L each/850L AZUCHI - dress/fatpack, 249L each/999L BAIASTICE - jacket/boots/fatpack, 325L each/2,925L/2,600L BODY LANGUAGE SWEET LOVELY CUTE - animations/fatpack, 150L each/1,880L BUENO - shirt/fatpack, 200L each/999L CANDYDOLL - shirt/pants/fatpack, 199L each/1,190L/215L each/1,190L CHEEKY PEA - decor/fatpack, 50 - 900L each/1,150L/1,450L CHEEKY PEA - decor/fatpack, 50 - 900L each/1,150L/1,450L CHEEKY PEA - decor/fatpack, 50 - 900L each/1,150L/1,450L COCO - jacket/top/leggings/shoes, 295L each/195L each/275L each DEETALEZ - skin applier, 1,299L each DELA - hair/fatpack, 250 - 350L each/1,295L DIRTY PRINCESS - lingerie set/fatpack, 250L each/950L DIRTY PRINCESS - lingerie set/fatpack, 250L each/950L DIRTY PRINCESS - lingerie set/fatpack, 250L each/950L EARTHSTONES - jewelry, 399 - 799L each ECHO - see description ECHO - art/bench, 150L each/400L each ECHO - see description ECHO - see description EMERY - jacket/dress, 273L each/250L each FASHIONABLY DEAD - jacket, 199L each FASHIONABLY DEAD - pants, 99L each FASHIONABLY DEAD - bra, 199L each FOXES - jacket/outfit/shoes/fatpack, 199L each/2,000L/1,500L each FRIDAY - shoes/fatpack, 200L each/800L GABRIEL - jacket/fatpack, 190L each/480L GLAM AFFAIR - skin applier, 599L each GOS BOUTIQUE - shoes, 495L ISON - dress/fatpack, 195L each/995L IZZIES - skin applier/body applier, 599L each/449L each JIAN - deer, 350L KEKE - decor/fatpack, 111 - 333L each/999L KRAFTWORK - skybox, 299L KRAFTWORK - skybox, 299L KRAFTWORK - skybox, 299L KUNST - jewelry set, 345L LA VIERE & TEEFY - dress/fatpack, 185L each/450L each LE FIL CASSE - dress/fatpack, 265L each/1,450L LYBRA - outfit/fatpack, 399L each/1,399L MINIMAL - backdrop, 275L MINIMAL - backdrop, 275L MISS CHELSEA - cardigan/leggings/fatpack, 250L each/500L each NEVE - top/pants/fatpack, 250L each/750L/300L each/900L NEVE - top/fatpack, 250L each/750L NEVE - pants/fatpack, 300L each/900L NX NARDCOTIX - shoes/fatpack, 175L each/1,250L OLIVE - hair/fatpack, 275 - 399L each/2,299L PARKER - sweater/jeans/fatpack, 299L each/900L each PEACHES - decor set, 250L/350L PEWPEW - ice cream/fatpack, 175L each/485L PURE POISON - boots/fatpack, 199L each/499L REBEL GAL & EC CLOTH - see description REBEL GAL & EC CLOTH - boots/fatpack, 268L each/1,600L REIGN - boots/add-on, 500L/100L SEUL - dress, 230L each SEUL - dress/coat, 255L each/300L each SWEAR LAPOINTE BASTCHILD - cardigan, 599L TABLEAU VIVANT - hair/fatpack, 250L each/800L TETRA - boots/fatpack, 299L each/1,299L THE LOFT & ARIA - decor/fatpack, 100 - 690L each/1,260L/1,386L TRAM - hair/fatpack, 350L each/790L each TROMPE LOEIL - cottage, 350L TROMPE LOEIL - cottage, 350L TROMPE LOEIL - bed, 450L/1,000L TRUTH - hair/fatpack, 250 - 350L each/1,000L UNITED COLORS - dress/fatpack, 249L each/1,199L VALENTINA E - dress/fatpack, 285L each/1,050L VEECHI - makeup, 249L each VINYL - jeans/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L WASABI PILLS - hair/fatpack, 250 - 350L each/800L WHITE WIDOW - tattoo, 300L each ZENITH - scarf/dress/boots, 328L each/350L each/358L each

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