There’s Awesome Newness at Cosmopolitan!

A new round of Cosmopolitan has opened its doors and once again there is so much to see and grab!  Your inventory is going to groan when it sees how much shopping you will be doing, so make sure you come on in and have fun stocking up on greatness before the round changes again on November 19th.

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

Teleport to Cosmopolitan


AMA - rings, 99L AMACCI - earrings, 195L ARTE - applier, 180L AVALE - dress, 220L AVI GLAM - applier, 599L each AZOURY - heels, 419L each BAMBOO - applier/fatpack, 599L each/1,599L BAMSE - decor, 50L per play BANANAN - decor, 250L each/120L BEE DESIGNS - decor, 55L per play BEE DESIGNS - decor, 55L per play BELLVI - choker/fatpack, 230L each/500L BOUTIQUE 187 - jewelry, 187L each CAE - necklace, 395L CANIMAL - bra/shirt/skirt/fatpack, 150L each/1,500L CASADEL - skirt/fatpack, 199L each/1,000L CHEZ MOI - decor, 320L/560L CHEZ MOI - decor, 320L/560L CHIC BUILDINGS - decor/fatpack, 70L per play/950L CHIC BUILDINGS - decor/fatpack, 70L per play/950L CHICCHICA - accessories, 207L CINPHUL - decor, 199L each CODEX - necklace, 220L COMPULSION - decor, 375L COMPULSION - decor, 175L/450L DEVIANT BEHAVIOUR - leotard/fatpack, 269L each/569L DICTATORSHOP - decor, 280L/560L/1,596L/1,996L DIRTY PRINCESS - heels, 199L EARTHSTONES - jewelry/fatpack, 599L each/1,199L EMOZIONE - poses/fatpack, 30L each/80L each/399L ENCHANTE - earrings, 249L ENCHANTE - jewelry, 199L each/249L each FABIA - hair, 250L each G&D - boots, 293L GLITZZ - dress, 199L each GOSSIP - dress, 200L each HAYABUSA DESIGN - trees/fatpack, 889L each/1,489L HILLY HAALAN - bag, 125L each IDENTITY BODY SHOP - lipstick, 200L each INDYRA - top/pants, 125L each INSURREKTION - jewelry, 99L each ITALIANO - boots, 290L KENNY ROLANDS - dress, 300L each LAKSHMI - dress, 380L each LUCAS LAMETH - decor, 229L MANNEQUIN - decor, 150L each MASOOM - dress/fatpack, 195L each/1,200L MASOOM - dress/fatpack, 195L each/1,200L MAVEN HOMES - decor/fatpack, 99L-399L each/1,099L MESH INDIA - decor, 65L per play MEVA - catsuit/fatpack, 280L each/1,000L MIMIKRI - top/skirt/vest, 100L each/150L each MOVE ANIMATIONS COLOGNE - dances/fatpack, 300L each/1,499L each MULLOY - glasses, 299L MY BOX ID - decor, 200L/300L MY BOX ID - decor, 200L/300L NERIDO LUXURY FASHION - top/fatpack, 230L each/1,800L PAN - decor, 199L PAN - decor, 199L Q POSES - poses, 100L each/120L/175L RAPTURE - top/pants, 219L each/249L RAPTURE - top/pants, 219L each/249L RICIELLI - hoodie/fatpack, 199L each/500L SAFIRA - dress/fatpack, 150L each/799L SAFIRA - dress/fatpack, 150L each/799L SCANDALIZE - outfit, 250L each/1,499L SCANDALIZE - outfit, 250L each/1,499L SENIHA ORIGINALS - dress/fatpack, 129L each/399L SENSES - poses, 89L each SOURCES - decor, 450L each/490L each SPARGEL AND SHINE HOMES - gazebo, 375L SPARGEL AND SHINE HOMES - gazebo, 375L SPARGEL AND SHINE HOMES - gazebo, 375L SUPERNATURAL - necklace, 220L each THE OWL - poses, 200L each TUKINOWAGUMA - hair/fatpack, 300L-400L each/900L UTOPIA DESIGN - boots, 495L VALENA - hair, 250L WEST END - shapes, 299L each/399L ZARA KENT - boots/outfit, 450L/249L ZOZ - nailpolish/fatpack, 98L-175L each/298L each

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