I’m Actually Quite Busy

There might be a little confusion regarding my level of leisure around these parts because of the recent article in The Atlantic where I was mentioned. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the project and I really did enjoy it. But I do think the author didn’t really understand that a blogger WORKS around these parts.

In fact, let’s face it – it’s my job here on the grid. I’m a writer and a sharer of fashion and other things to enhance your digital life. Sometimes I tell stories, sometimes I blather on about things I like. That’s who I am and what I do.

To start with there’s a lot of shopping involved. No one is invited to cover ALL the events (although that’d be nice yo) so no matter how many how many events you’re an official blogger for you’re still going to go place to place doing a bit of shopping. Usually in stilettos.

I go looking for new things, like new AOs and poses because BENTO is it and we all need whats new now don’t we?

Then I head out for a cup of coffee and to look for a new place to shoot.

I travel around looking for new and interesting places, text my friends and colleagues and do the sort of things one does in a world where one exists. That’s also what I do here, I exist.

One of the main things I do here is look for neat stuff to take artsy photos with. Look at me I’m so fashiony with this big old stack of books behind me! BEHOLD! LOOK ON ME!!  Ok but I do, and that shit take (Read more...)

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