It’s the Fall Anniversary Chapter in The Seasons Story!

As Summer turns to Autumn, so is written another chapter in The Seasons Story!  You heard right, not only is it the Fall round it is also the anniversary.  What does that mean, you say?  It means, it is time to celebrate with specially discounted items and free gifts for everyone that stops by before October 31st!  Make sure to stop by The Seasons Story, you won’t want to miss this exciting round.

ღCherries & Atiya

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89HZ - dress/fatpack, 187 - 250L each/1,250L ACORN - swing, 299L each AMBROSIA - outfit/fatpack, 220L each/800L AMIAS - skin applier/body applier, 650L each/250L AN LAR POSES - pose set, 150L ANDIKA & FUWARY - pose/fatpack, 150L each/250L ANXIETY - build, 149L ANXIETY - build, 149L APHORISM - skirt/fatpack, 99 - 149L each/499L AYASHI - hair/fatpack, 200 - 400L each/1,500L BAD HAIR DAY - hair/fatpack, 480L each/2,880L BADA - outfit gacha, 69L per play BELLE EPOQUE - dress set, 175L each BOOM - shoes/fatpack, 225L each/599L BOSSIE - brow set, 250L each BUBBLE - jewelry set, 127L CANDY CRUNCHERS - cat gacha/pet, 50L per play/120L CERBERUSXING - scarf, 140 - 280L each CEST LA VIE - scarf gacha, 65L per play CHERRY HOUSE - decor gacha, 75L per play CHEVEUX - hair/fatpack, 250 - 400L each/1,250L CHOCOLATE ATELIER - lingerie, 100L each CONSIGNMENT - fountain, 245L/445L CUBIC CHERRY - sweater set, 137 - 275L each CURELESS - skin applier, 580L each D LAB - piano, 225L DYSFUNCTIONALITY - decor, 109L each/57L EMPIRE - boots, 699L ENCHANTE - accessory, 199L each ENFER SOMBRE - shape/applier, 300L/500L each/699L each ESSENZ - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/900L ETHAM - sweatshirt/fatpack, 199L each/599L EVERMORE - bag/fatpack, 175L each/900L FAME FEMME - scarf/boots/leggings/dress/coat/fatpack, 220L each/250L each/280L each/300L each/1200L/1300L/1500L each/1800L GHOUL - shirt/fatpack, 199L each/1,290L each GO AND SEE - applier/shape, 400L each/500L each GO AND SEE - skin applier, 1400L each HONEY SOUL - boots/fatpack, 199L each/799L I HEART F & CO - cardigan, 229L ILAYA - collar, 175L INSANYA - top, 185L JIAN - chipmunks, 450L KAITHLEENS - outfit/fatpack, 289L each/799L KIRIN POSES - pose/fatpack, 30L each/105L KOTTE - coat/fatpack, 299L each/500L KRESCENDO - cabin, 299L KRESCENDO - cabin, 299L KRESCENDO - cabin, 299L LAGOM - decor/decor gacha, 100L/50L per play LE FORME - skin applier/shape, 550L each/299L LITTLE LLAMA - chairs, 99L LOCK AND TUFT - hair/fatpack, 199L each/299L/549L LOVELY ALIEN - candies, 145L LUAS - gacha, 50L per play MERAK - decor, 280L each/155L MINIMAL - necklace, 299L MITHRAL - hair/fatpack, 125L/245L each/400L/990L MOMO CHUU - appliers, 150L/250L MONS - top, 199L each MOREMORE - gacha/applier, 89L per play/99L per play NIU - clothing/fatpack, 270L each/350L NOBLE CREATIONS - accessory, 299L NOBLE CREATIONS - decor, 299L NOVA - necklace, 199L each NOVA - necklace, 199L each NUDOLU - gacha, 50L per play OKIDOKI - accessory, 60L per play OOYUKI - gacha, 99L per play OPALE HAIR - hair/fatpack, 250 - 350L each/990L OXIDE - jewelry, 225L PINK HUSTLER - ring, 60L per play PLASTIK - nails/accessory/heels, 199L each/239L/359L PLASTIX - sweater/pants/fatpack, 260L each/275L each/1300L/1375L PRITTY - hair/fatpack, 250L each/275L/850L QUIRKY - decor, 45L per play REALEVIL INDUSTRIES - jewelry set, 299L RUNIC - necklace, 199L SARI SARI - pose, 99L SARI SARI - decor, 399L SARI SARI - decor, 399L SORBET - accessory, 150L/200L STARDUST - tattoo/fatpack, 200L each/500L SUPERNATURAL - accessory, 220L each SWEET KAJIRA - dress, 125L each SYS - jacket/fatpack, 290L each/990L TABOU - dress, 199L each TAIKOU - decor, 175L THE FORGE - dress/fatpack, 275L each/399L THE MYSTIC - accessory. 250L/375L THE WHITE CROW - applier, 450L TLC HOME COLLECTION - landscaping, 125L TLC HOME COLLECTION - landscaping, 295L TLC HOME COLLECTION - landscaping, 125L/295L UNKINDNESS - frames, 175L VINCUE - outfit/fatpack, 299L each/2900L VIOLETILITY - lantern, 50L VIOLETILITY - lantern, 50L VOLTHAIR - hair/fatpack, 250L each/990L VOLUPTAS VIRTUALIS - choker, 188L WASABI PILLS - hair/fatpack, 125L/250L each/350L/800L WHO WHAT - decor, 180L each YOUR DREAMS - ghost gacha, 75L per play ZERKALO - decor, 50L per play ZIBSKA - makeup, 100L each/150L

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