Fall Into a New Round of The Chapter Four!

Autumn is in full swing at The Chapter Four!  One of Second Life’s most anticipated events, once again your favorite designers have exceeded your expectations.  Stop in The Chapter Four before November 1st, you will be glad you did!


Teleport to The Chapter Four

MIA:  Foreign, Lotus, Love, Mud Skin, Pillows


1313 MOCKING BIRD LANE - boots, 99L each 7 STYLE - clothing/HUD, 150L/95L each/80L ALTAMURA - tattoo, 100L each ARISE - lipstick set, 99L each AS - bow, 95L AVAWAY - ring gacha, 55L per play AVENGE - jewelry set, 185L each AZOURY - shoes, 199L each BANANA BANSHEE - eyes, 259L BEE DESIGNS - decor gacha, 55L per play BLACK BANTAM - baby gacha, 55L per play BLEICH - shoe set, 300L each BLIENSEN & MAITAI - jewelry set, 199L BLOSSOM - decor, 150L BOOMERANG - moped gacha, 65L per play BOUTIQUE 187 - earrings, 99L BREATHE - shoe set/fatpack, 250L each/1,500L BREATHE - shoe gacha, 50L per play CAROL G - tattoo, 300L CHEEKY - lipstick set, 69L CHIC CHICA - donut gacha, 69L per play COME SOON POSES - pose, 89L CULCO - house, 150L DAZED - makeup, 125L each DISTORTED DREAMS - decor sets, 125L each DREAMCATCHER - accessory gacha, 50L per play DUBU - treat gacha, 64L per play ELISE - ring set, 99L ELLE ET LUI - shape, 299L EPIC - collar/fatpack, 99L each/399L EPIC - collar/fatpack, 99L each/399L EPOCH - lipstick, 356L ERSCH - accessory/fatpack/accessory gacha, 99L each/350L/125L each/50L per play FABIA MESH HAIR - hair, 125L each FOURTH WALL - studio set, 499L G & D - shoes, 195L GAIA - leggings set, 199L each GATO - blouse, 80L each GLAM AFFAIR - decor gacha, 75L per play GLITZZ - dress, 119L each GOTH1CO - makeup, 89L GRUNT - ballon gacha, 60L per play HAOS - decor/fatpack, 50L each/250L HAVE UNEQUAL - outfit gacha, 75L per play HELA MIYO - pose set, 99L each IDENTITY - tattoo set, 190L/250L INSANYA - shorts, 90L INSPIRE POSES - pose, 89L each IONIC - decor gacha, 85L per play IONIC - decor gacha, 85L per play JINX - critter gacha, 75L per play KLARA ORIGINAL MESH - dress set, 249L KOKORO PEACHES - glasses, 199L each LA PEARLA - top, 100L LAKSHMI - hair, 250 - 400L each LATELIER - daybed, 99L LE FORME - applier gacha/shape, 75L per play/200L LE POPPYCOCK - pose/fatpack, 50L each/98L each LES SUCRERIES DE FAIRY - accessory gacha, 75L per play LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1,000L LIMERENCE - hair/fatpack, 125 - 200L each/750L LIMERENCE - hair gacha, 75L per play LIMERENCE - hair gacha, 75L per play LODE - accessory gacha, 50L per play LODE - decor, 100L M LAW DESIGNS - decor gacha, 50L per play ME SEW SEXY - lingerie set/fatpack, 199L each/599L ME SEW SEXY - lingerie set/fatpack, 199L each/599L MELLO - hair, 125L each MELLO - hair, 125L each MESANGE - applier gacha, 50L per play MYNX - decor, 99L NACHT - house, 275L NANIKO - headband gacha, 50L per play NERIDO - outfit gacha, 84L per play NEVER TOTALLY DEAD - decor gacha, 70L per play NEW CHURCH - table set, 99L each NUNO - outfit gacha, 69L per play OHEMO - earcuff set, 100L ORICAY - earring set, 150L PETIT CHAT - cuffs, 99L PRITTY - hair gacha, 75L per play PROMAGIC - backdrop gacha, 70L per play QUAR STORE - see description QUEEN OF INK - tattoo gacha, 89L per play RAPTURE - top, 110L each RUST REPUBLIC - outfit gacha, 50L per play SASS - decor, 99L SECRETS - necklace, 89L each SESE - decor gacha, 50L per play STELLOANE - piercing, 100L each SUPERNATURAL - necklace, 95L each TITANS - cottage, 250L TITANS - cottage, 250L VALENA - skin applier, 450L each VALENTINA E - jacket gacha, 50L per play VENGEFUL THREADS - eyes, 99L WASABI PILLS - hair gacha, 75L per play WEST END - shape/pose, 299L each/150L each XXY - pose set, 200L each YOUR DREAMS - lantern, 80L each YOUR SHAPE & YOUR SKIN - skin applier, 495L each ZERKALO - decor gacha, 69L per play


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