What’s That Sound? Must Be Hello Tuesday Time!

As this week gets its start, I know it’s difficult to get everything moving – but Hello Tuesday is there to try and motivate you! The great deals that it has might make you just a little bit happier – and there’s all kinds of new things to brighten up even the longest day that will drag on. Just make sure to check them all out before the end of the day – like it’s name implies, it’s Tuesday only!



A&D - tank, 100L BAMSE - decor/accessory, 25L per play BEE DESIGNS - decor, 35L per play BLACK JACK - vest, 75L BLACK JACK - shirt, 75L CHEZ MOI - decor, 199L EARTHSTONES - bracelets, 150L each ETNIA - decor, 100L each FE STYLE - t-shirt, 160L G&D - sandals, 195L GOOSE - bench, 150L HILLY HAALAN - outfit, 100L MEVA - scarf, 155L MINIMAL - glasses, 275L NEWCHURCH - sofa, 238L NEWCHURCH - sofa, 238L NO MATCH - hair, 100L REALEVIL INDUSTRIES - rings, 250L RICIELLI - sandals, 189L SALT - leggings, 99L each SWALLOW - necklace, 137L VEROCITY - pose, 25L VISION - dress, 150L ZEN CREATIONS - decor, 50L ZOZ - nails, 98L each

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