Twe12ve is Sizzling with Style!

Twe12ve is back with a sizzlin’ new round. It’s packed with style from one end of the venue to the other, there is bound to be something you love! Hurry and check it out before it ends on August 31st!

♥ Indigo

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ADDICTED TO INK - tattoo, 200L ADRIS KING - dress, 99L APPLIQUE CHIC - outfit, 100L each BEAUTIFUL HUSTLER - dress/fatpack, 199L each/799L BEAUTITUDE - dress, 140L BLOSSOM - bikini, 199L B STYLE - facial hair, 250L each CDC CREATIONS - beard, 250L CHUCK SIZE - shoes/fatpack, 99L each/149L/237L D DESIGN - eyeshadow, 420L DESIRE BOUTIQUE - boots, 179L ENIGMA APPAREL - outfit, 129L ENII - pose, 65L FACEPALM - outfits, 150L each FIRELIGHT - hair/fatpack, 125L each/349L GEE - tattoo, 50L each HUWE - tattoo, 199L IMAGE ESSENTIALS - poses, 150L each INDIGENOUS - outfits, 250L/395L INDULGE TEMPTATION - jewelry, 150L each KOSMETIK - nails, 150L LILOS FIT - shapes, 499L each LOVE LACE - lingerie, 75L per play MISCHINO - outfit, 260L MOOH - mannequins, 50L per play NYNE - hair, 149L each PALETTE - textures, 99L each PINK ICE BOUTIQUE - dress, 199L each SASS BUILDZ - house, 450L SAVAGE - tattoo, 200L SEVYN EAST - dress, 99L SLACKGIRL - nails, 195L SOHOE SHOES - shoes, 199L STONES WORKS - jewelry, 275L/195L STORAX TREE - decor, 80L each TAMELESS - hair/fatpack, 249L each/399L THE ARTIST SHED - chairs, 25L each TRASHED - dress, 115L each VENGE - necklace, 99L ZO AWESUM - pose prop, 150L ZOOM - outfit, 269L

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