Centaur Developer Kit Availability

The dev kit is nigh! Wilds of Organica has been working hard (with NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios) to prepare not only the next generation of Centaur coats but an applier and dev kit as well!

This kit, provided on a case by case basis, will provide the opportunity to explore:

  • Texturing – coat, tail, hoof, hoof fringe
  • Animation
  • Accessory/clothing-making

Provided will be several components, including UV maps , applier system (both provided in-world), armature and a decimated version of the model via .blend file format (provided by email).

Terms and Conditions:

A successful application will license you to use the dev kit with some conditions.
Centaur dev kit resources are released as several different components, each with additional separate expectations.

UV layouts & Applier Scripts

  • You may make derivative content based upon the UV layouts. (for example: coats, tail textures)
  • You may make commercial use of your derivative works either with or without the use of the provided Applier scripts.
  • You MAY redistribute the templates, but ONLY as part of the original UV layout notecard.
  • You MAY NOT redistribute this resource notecard or its contents for more than L$0.

Under the following conditions:

Attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified below (but not in any way that suggests that Wilds of Organica endorses you or your use of the work):
Custom coats made with these layouts are intended for use with the Wilds of Organica Centaur avat (Read more...)

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