What’s the Sound? It’s Hello Tuesday Time!

As we drag through yet another week in the too-hot summer here, Hello Tuesday provides a bit of a fresh, cool breeze with these amazing new sales that they provide every week from all these different shops around the sim. There’s a little of this and that, and all things to make you and your wallet smile with how great these deals are. Just make sure to visit sooner rather than later, because these sales only last through the day!


MIA: Fe Style


A&D - pants, 100L BAMSE - weapon, 25L per play BEE DESIGNS - decor, 35L per play BLACK JACK - hat, 25L BLACK JACK - dress, 125L CHEZ MOI - fountain, 225L EARTHSTONES - jewelry set, 349L each ECLIPSE DESIGN - outfit, 138L ELEGANCE - outfit, 137L each ETNIA - decor, 50L each ETNIA - decor, 50L each EUPHORIC - eyebrows, 190L G&D - sandals, 195L GIOMEN - boots, 100L HILLY HAALAN - wedges, 50L MEVA - rings, 130L MINIMAL - necklace, 250L NEWCHURCH - bed, 438L NO MATCH - hair, 100L REALEVIL INDUSTRIES - bracelets, 125L RICIELLI - heels/dress/fatpack, 75L/125L each/300L SALT - clothing, 25L per play SWALLOW - septum ring, 74L TABOU - blindfold, 125L each THOR - decor, 379L VEROCITY - pose, 25L VISION - outfit, 150L ZEN CREATIONS - decor, 69L ZOZ - nails, 98L each

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