The Godless Night Awaits You at Kagami!

It all starts tonight, the stroke of midnight.. Are you ready for the fear? It’s a game you see. Just a game! Not only will you have fun, but you will be able to shop too. These amazing designers have brought all things from the dark side to drag you into their realm. You only have until the 28th of August enter this horror show so, clear those minds and always be ready.


MIA: Doom Doom Doom

Teleport to Kagami 2017


AII - arms/tattoo, 1,000L/350L AIR - scroll, 125L each AIR - plant, 100L ANHELO - landscaping, 150L BLANK LINE - shirt, 120L BODY LANGUAGE - AO, 150L each/688L BOON KURA - decor, 350L BOON KURA - decor, 280L CCC - yukata/fatpack, 250L each/500L CERBERUSXING - eyeshadow, 150L CERBERUSXING - tattoo, 320L CONTRAPTION - masks, 250L each CUBIC CHERRY - shoes, 275L DUE - hair/fatpack, 350-400L each/1,300L HAPPY DISPATCH - poses, 150L HOLY SUN - kimono, 250L each/300L each KOKOROTAYORI - kimono, 250L each/300L each KOTOLIER - hair accessory gacha, 77L per play KOTOLIER - harness gacha, 90L per play MARU KADO - decor gacha, 50L per play MARUSHIN - wearable gacha, 10L per play MARUSHIN - pose and prop, 400L MARUSHIN - pose and prop, 400L MB - shrine, 200L/280L MONKEY GIRL - decor gacha, 30L per play MONKEY GIRL - nails, 50L MUSE WAREHOUSE - decor gacha, 50L per play NAMINOKE - funeral scene, 420L NAMINOKE - funeral scene, 420L NAMINOKE - decor, 250L NAMINOKE - decor, 250L PIAD - nails, 50L PIAD - tattoo, 50L POCHE - snacks, 100L RUDI LUDI FOOL - avatar, 1,200L each SAKKAS STUDIO - yukata, 300L each SARI SARI - pose skybox, 499LL SCHADENFREUDE - eyes on a stick, 150L SCHADENFREUDE - bloody eyes on a stick, 150L SILVERY K - choker, 180L each SOUEN - accessories, 200L SOUEN - mask, 200L TOMOTO - hoodie gacha, 75L per play TOMOTO - shoe gacha, 50L per play TOMOTO - hoodie gacha, 100L per play TOMOTO - kimono, 350L each VIOLETTA - yukata, 300L VIOLETTA - dirt applier, 150L VIOLETTA - yukata, 300L WASABI PILLS - hair/basics/fatpack, 250L each/350L/800L WHO WHAT - umbrella gacha, 48L per play W ZERO - kimono gacha, 75L per play


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