Soak Up the Sun with Ninety-Nine!

Say hello to summer with this round of Ninety-Nine, bringing you great beachwear, outside decor, and all kinds of things to make this summer the best one yet! There’s all kinds of goodies from some of the best kid shops on the grid, so you really need to check it all out to see what’s there and get here before it closes up shop on the 29th!


Teleport to Ninety-Nine

MIA: Muriel, Nimble, Plum & Snips & Snails


ANT HILL - decor, 59L per play BABY BUG'S SHAPES - shapes, 399L each BABY BURP - outfit, 199L each BABYFACE - shapes, 799L each BABYGIRL - onesie, 199L BEAU BEBE - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/399L BELLYBEAN - poses, 99L each BOWILLOW - outfit/HUD/fatpack, 199L each/99L/999L BREAUX JR - shades, 49L per play BUGLETS - tankini/fatpack, 99L each/299L CHELSEA'S CHILDRENS CLOTHES - dress/fatpack, 99L each/399L CLAIR DE LUNE - skin, 999L each CLICK - poses, 99L each CUTIECAKES - outfit, 99L each DAISY CHAINS - clothing/accessories, 59L per play ENCHANTIQUE - top/fatpack, 99L each/499L LAZO - sandals, 199L LIL SCAMPS - dress, 99L each LITTLE STARS - dress/fatpack, 199L each/597L MUDDPUDDLES - decor, 399L MURMUR - top/skirt/fatpack, 99L each/1499L OATMEAL - romper/fatpack, 199L each/600L ORGANIC - shape, 399L ORGANIC - dress, 99L each PAPER DAMSELS - dress, 99L each PETITE BOWTIQUE - swimsuit, 99L each POLISHED - nails, 99L each SNAP IT - poses, 99L each SODA POP SHOP - swimsuit, 199L TINY CAKEZ - outfit, 199L TINY GEMS - pose, 99L TINY TRINKETS - sandals, 199L TOASTY - accessory/fatpack, 99L each/399L VIVA KIDS - outfit, 199L each WISHES - outfit/fatpack, 99L each/299L

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