Rule Breaker.(55Ld Super Bargain).

I’m such a rebel because although you can’t see it this top is actually the DEMO! What a rule breaker LOL.

TBH I’d hadn’t found anything, free, with an “ooo” factor this morning so I decided to go to one of my all time fav shops in SL and that’s Loordes of London to see whassup and found this superb bargain.  This top is actually on a wall inside the shop with lots of other bargain priced, shop quality items but this is the one I WILL be returning to and buying the full version, can’t be walking around SL with a big fat Demo sign bobbing around me lol.

I will pick the colour I’m wearing in the picture but you do have a choice of 2 other shades, purchased separately though.   This top to me is going to be a fail safe “go-to” top as it will look great with jeans, shorts, these pants, skirts even a bikini bottom and for only 55Lds(or it could be 55Lds) it’s too good to not get.

So when I go back inworld to LM grab I will be grabbing this at the same time.

PS Demo, obviously since I’m wearing the blinking thing, is there for you to try and it comes in the 3 main mesh bod and standard mesh fits.

Loordes of London

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