Kustom9 Goes to the Beach!

Kustom9 goes to the beach with a hot, tropical filled round! You can find all sorts of summery, beachy things at this round, no matter what you are looking for! Hurry over before it ends on July 10th.

♥ Indigo

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MIA: Mossu, Mudskin, and Vale Koer.


AGATA MODE - bikini/fatpack, 199L each/599L AMALA - rings/bracelet, 399L/279L AMALA - add on HUD, 179L AMITOMO - clothing, 69L per play ARISKEA - decor, 139L each/149L ATTIC - decor, 69L per play BEUSAME - facial hair/fatpack, 199L each/999L BEUSY - hair and accessories, 99L per play BLACK BANTAM - baby, 50L per play BODY LANGUAGE BY SWEET LOVELY CUTE - poses/fatpack, 299L each/889L BUENO - skybox, 39L per play CAMEO 6IXX - clothing, 289L each/269L each CERBERUSXING - dress, 360L each CLAVV - accessories, 59L per play CONCEPT - decor, 79L per play CONCEPT - decor, 79L per play DUE - hair, 69L per play DUE - hair, 69L per play E MARIE - nails, 199L ELUA - hair/fatpack, 199L each/249L each/1299L EMPIRE - shoes, 599L ETHAM - hoodie/fatpack, 199L each/599L EVANI - skirt/panties/fatpacks, 249L each/799L each FLOORPLAN - sign, 99L each FORTE - eyeshadow, 299L each FRIDAY - shoes/fatpack, 199L each/999L GLAM AFFAIR - head applier, 599L each HAIKEI - decor, 69L per play HUCCI - romper/fatpack, 99L each/599L INSOL - head applier/fatpack, 900L each/2700L KIBITZ - necklace/fatpack, 250L each/750L KIRIN POSES - poses/fatpack, 30L each/99L KUNST - piercing, 49L per play LOWEN - dress, 299L each LUXE - poses/fatpacks, 39L each/129L/100L MAI BILAVIO - head applier/shape, 899L each/600L MITHRAL APOTHECARY - hair/fatpack, 199L each/299L/799L MONSO - hair, 199L each MOON AMORE - lingerie/fatpack, 299L each/159L each/1099L N CORE - heels, 599L OFFBEAT & MOMENTO - clothing, 89L per play OFFBEAT & MOMENTO - clothing, 89L per play OO YUKI - skin appliers, 99L per play OSMIA - top/skirt/fatpacks, 199L each/899L each PEWPEW - popsicles/fatpack, 149L each/999L PHEDORA - lingerie, 399L PSEUDO - clothing, 275L each/250L each/220L each PURE POISON - shoes, 249L RANDOM MATTER - accessories, 160L each/190L each SEUL - outfit/fatpack, 325L each/1990L SONG - eyes/fatpack, 50L each/550L SWALLOW - rings, 449L TABLEAU VIVANT - see description for details TAIKOU - backdrops, 199L each TENTACIO - decor, 49L per play TORO - decor, 65L per play UNITED COLORS - dress, 369L each VINCUE - bra/fatpack, 199L each/1900L ZENITH - clothing, 79L per play ZERKALO - decor, 50L per play

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