Introducing Man Cave!

Batman has the batcave, and now the men of Second Life have the Man Cave!  That’s right, there is another event just for men on the grid full of awesomeness that they need to make themselves even yummier!  Be sure to swing by and check out this great event, or sit and hang at the bar.  Just make sure you come in before it closes its doors on July 9th.

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

Teleport to Man Cave

MIA: Hxnor


22769 - decor, 115L-295L each 220ML - backdrop, 199L 22769 - decor, 115L-295L each ASCEND - tank/fatpack, 300L each/2,535L/2,925L ANHELO - decor/fatpack, 100L/190L/240L/390L BURLEY - hair/fatpack, 245L-395L each/1,655L COLD ASH - tees/fatpack, 320L each/620L each/1,480L/2,300L DAPPA TATTOO - tattoo, 299L EMPYREAN FORGE - bracelet/choker, 250L each ETHAM - coat/fatpack, 149L each/499L GABRIEL - jacket/pants/fatpack, 190L each/180L each/480L/390L GUTCHI - shoes, 425L IDENTITY BODY SHOP - tattoo, 250L each ISUKA TATTOO STUDIO - tattoo, 275L KALBACK - jeans/fatpack, 349L each/999L KAUNA - facial hair, 225L each KRESCENDO - decor, 75L per play KRESCENDO - decor, 75L per play KUNST - necklace, 175L MADPEA PRODUCTIONS - decor, 50L per play MOSSU - top/underwear/fatpack, 199L each/699L each MOSSU - top/underwear/fatpack, 199L each/699L each NOIR STORE - watch, 249L REPRESENT - hoodie/tank, 311L each/289L each SABOTAGE - jersey/fatpack, 250L each/1,050L SABOTAGE - jersey/fatpack, 250L each/1,050L SEUL - pants, 275L each SPEAKEASY TATTOO - tattoo, 275L STRAYDOG - applier, 590L each SYS DESIGN - bodysuit/fatpack, 290L each/990L SYS DESIGN - bodysuit/fatpack, 290L each/990L VOLKSTONE - appliers/fatpack, 290L/199L/245L/590L ZOOM - shoes, 299L

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