Hashtag This.(5Ld Giftie & Oodles of Stuff).

I’m am determined to sit on my platform and unpack, bin, relabel, make notes and slurp coffee but of course, I couldn’t start all this without doing at least one post and so here it is.

Hashtag a monthly(?) event, a big room with lots of stalls and lots of stalls with gifts set out, some free but not many as most are priced at 5 and 10Lds with some a bit more than that.  The usual mix of clothes, tattoos etc some do have pictures of the contents and if not some tell you what’s in the box but some don’t and so you’re in for a surprise.  What I did buy I ended up binning it all BUT that’s also because I already have too much and there were a couple of items which did give me pause for thought but in the end, I thought “Nope”.  Personally, although the quality of the items in this low-cost gifts can be a bit umm basic I still LOVE it because apart from the fact I am always grateful a shop/creator has put something out I just love killing time and unpacking a load of stuff and sometimes you get something that makes you go YESSSSS!

And these amazing quality leg warmer thingies on the Miss Rue stand were a most definite “yes”.

You get 3 of the Belleza fits, eBody, Maitreya, SLink Physique and Hourglass plus standard classic AV and you even get the Alpha for that fit.

I will admit that I knew what I was buying as this is one of the gifts that does have a picture of the contents in it but the quality of the fit and texturing (Read more...)

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