Shop Hop is Wild and Free!


This month’s Shop Hop theme is boho, so if you are feeling wild and free this is the hop around event to see! The outfits are adorable, the toys and decor are fun, and there’s just so much to check out! Make sure you join their in-world group to get the shopping HUD and even get a special prize if you visit every stop! Check it out before it ends on May 13th.

♥ Indigo


BABY BURP - outfit, 100L each BABYSTEPS - outfit, 99L each BEAU BEBE - dress, 75L each BELLYBEAN - poses/fatpack, 99L each/280L BOOGERS - crayon, 50L BOWILLOW - clothing, 99L each BOX - bib, 75L BREAUX JR - sneakers, 300L each BUBSY - sandals, 100L BUGLETS - romper, 99L CHELSEAS CHILDRENS CLOTHES - dress/fatpack, 99L each/399L CLOVE - dress, 99L each IN THE MOMENT - poses/fatpack. 75L/25L each/100L JUNIPER - dress, 99L each JUNK FOOD - dreamcatchers, 75L each. KITTERDOODLE - accessories/fatpack, 100L each/175L LARNIA - music box, 99L each LAZO - dress, 100L LIL MISS CHATTERBOX - gestures, 80L NIVLET - outfit, 100L OHANA INC - marquee signs, 45L each PAN - mud pie, 100L PAPER DAMSELS - shoes/fatpack, 199L each/594L SASSAFRAS - stuffy, 50L each SHORT N STUFF - outfit, 100L each SUGAR AND SPICE - top/pants, 40L each TINY TRINKETS - dress, 80L VALDERIE - decor/fatpack, 100L each/500L VEXZI - decor, 50L VICARIOUS YOUTH - outfit, 75L each WISHES - outfit, 75L each XOXO POSES - pose, 75L

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