Here it comes, it’s N21

Another month has passed and summer vacations are right the corner! If you feel like starting your summer shopping earlier, make sure to stop by N21 before June 12th, 2017.

🌟 Atiya 🌟

Teleport to No21


ASTRALIA - piercings, 399L ATOMIC - platforms/fatpack, 250L each/2000L AZUCHI - top/fatpack, 199L each/999L BESOM - hair/fatpack, 275L each/375L/975L CANDY DOLL AND CANDYDOLL - dress/heels/fatpack, 250L each/279L each/1750L/1299L each CERBERUSXING - accessory, 299L each CHEEKY PEA - plant/chair/fatpack, 250L each/400L/650L/600L/850L COSMIC DUST AND BLUES HAIR - hair and hoodie/fatpack, 399L each/2999L DEAD DOLLZ - sweater/fatpack, 200L each/1000L DOE - hair/fatpack, 300L each/350L each/1600L DRD - backpack, 250L each DUST BUNNY - decor, 85L/175L EMARIE - bracelet/fatpack, 250L each/750L EMPIRE - boots, 399L ETHAM - shirt/fatpack, 199L each/599L EVANI - skirt/fatpack, 225L each/750L FAME FEMME - swimsuit/fatpack, 270L each/3020L FLOORPLAN - sign, 100L FRIDAY - shoes/fatpack, 200L each/1000L HIEMAL - sweater/fatpack, 299L each/1221L MINIMAL - necklace/fatpack, 249L each/699L PRETTY MESS - top/pack, 135L each/280L each RAMA - hair/fatpack, 285L each/985L REIGN - heels, 300L SABOTAGE - jeans, 265L each/280L each VEECHI - makeup, 199L each VINCUE - undies/top/packs, 199L each/299L each/899L each/1299L each VINYL - top/shorts/pack/fatpack, 200L each/650L each/750L each/1200L each YUMMY - rings/fatpack, 110L/175L each/380L ZENITH - dress, 365L each

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