Do You Know What Time It Is? Ninety-Nine Time!

It’s about time for a new, fresh round of Ninety-Nine and it so does not disappoint – there’s so much cuteness here that I almost couldn’t handle it (because adorable stuff that is tiny is ALWAYS supercute). You’ve got to come check it out, get some stuff for the tiny ones in your lives, and make sure you check it all out, because there’s a little for everything (and even some cute mother’s day stuff!), just make sure to get here before it shuts it’s doors on the 29th!


Teleport to Ninety-Nine

MIA: Babygirl, Beau Bebe, Dorks, Girl, Larnia, Tiny Gems


BABY BUG'S SHAPES - shapes, 399L each BABY BURP - dress, 199L each BELLYBEAN - poses, 49L per play BLUMBLI - dress, 199L each BLUMBLI - decor, 59L per play BOOGERS - hoodie, 199L BOWILLOW - swing/fatpack, 99L each/499L BREAUX JR - furniture set, 199L each BUGLETS - dress/fatpack, 99L each/399L CANDYMADE - toys, 99L per play CHELSEA'S CHILDREN'S CLOTHES - sandals, 50L per play CLAIR DE LUNE - bathing suit, 199L each CLOVE - clothing/fatpack, 199L each/599L CUTIECAKES - dress, 99L each DOLLFACE - poses, 99L each ENCHANTIQUE - dress/fatpack, 199L each/1499L FLORAISON - outfit, 199L each GLAZED HONEY - dress/fatpack, 159L each/559L LAZO - shorts, 199L LIL SCAMPS - decor/outfit, 59L each/99L each LOVE BUGS - card, 40L per play OH BABY - outfit/fatpack, 99L each/399L ORGANIC - shapes, 399L each PAPER DAMSELS - dress, 199L each PETITE BOWTIQUE - dress, 99L each POLISHED - nails/rings, 99L each SHUTTER FLUTTER - poses, 99L SNAP IT - poses, 99L each SODA POP SHOP - outfit, 199L TINY TRINKETS - tiara, 199L UNICORN PRINCESS - clothing, 49L per play VK - outfit, 199L each WISHES - outfit, 99L each YELLOW JELLO - outfit, 99L each

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