Shop Hop is So Much Fun!

Shop Hop is back and it’s so much fun! Hopping around to different stores to get discount items, what better way to spend your week?! You can travel to the different locations via the HUD in the group, and you will also get a special prize for visiting them all! Hurry, it ends on April 8th!



BEAU BEBE - dress, 75L BELLYBEAN - poses/fatpack, 99L each/180L BOWILLOW - glasses, 79L each BREAUX JR - blanket, 100L each BUGLETS - outfit/fatpack, 99L each/399L CHELSEAS CHILDRENS CLOTHES - pajamas/fatpack, 99L each/399L CLOVE & JUNIPER - outfit, 99L each CLOVE & JUNIPER - outfit, 99L each COOLEY - bag, 100L each ENCHANTIQUE - top/shorts/fatpack, 89L each/99L each/999L GYPSY HEART - dress/fatpack, 100L each/300L IN THE MOMENT - poses/fatpack, 25L each/100L JUNK FOOD - cupcakes, 75L each LARNIA - phone, 99L each LAZO - romper, 100L LIL MISS CHATTERBOX - gestures, 60L OHANA INC - outfit, 100L each PAPER DAMSELS - dress/fatpack, 100L each/350L PETITE MACARON - shoes, 100L PILLOWS - dress, 50L each SPRINKLES - outfit, 100L each SWEET HEART DESIGNS - dress, 75L each TINY GEMS - poses, 79L each TINY TRINKETS - necklace, 90L TIPTOES - dress, 75L each VALDERIE - chair/fatpack, 100L each/650L VEXZI - pose, 50L VICARIOUS YOUTH - dress/shoes, 50L each WISHES - outfit/fatpack, 50L each/300L XOXO POSES - pose, 75L

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