So Long Monday, and Hello Tuesday!

As we trudge through the end of Monday and it finally becomes Tuesday, there’s a little gleam ahead – and it’s Hello Tuesday! There’s so many amazing things for teeny, tiny prices that you have to check them all out – just make sure not to dilly-dally because these deals only last for the day!



A&D - shirt, 100L BAMSE - accessory, 25L per play BEE DESIGNS - decor, 30L per play BLACKJACK - bag, 75L BLACKJACK - boat, 60L CULCO - decor, 25L per play ECLIPSE - pasties, 100L ELEGANCE - shirt/skirt, 75L/99L EUPHORIC - eyes, 240L FE STYLE - shirt, 99L each FE STYLE - shirt, 99L each G&D - heels, 50L each GIOMEN - outfit, 100L GOOSE - decor, 175L HILLY HAALAN FASHIONS - heels, 50L INDYRA ORIGINALS - shirt/skirt, 48L each MEVA - dress, 130L MINIMAL - bracelet, 99L NEWCHURCH - chair, 138L NO MATCH - hair, 100L PETITE MAISON - console, 100L each QPOSES - pose, 125L QPOSES - pose, 60L REALEVIL INDUSTRIES - booties, 150L RICIELLI - dress, 99L SCANDALIZE - top, 50L SIX O CLOCK - bench, 107L SIX O CLOCK - bench, 107L SWALLOW - dress, 299L TABOU - harness, 140L each THE LITTLE BRANCH - flowers, 186L VEROCITY - poses, 25L VISION - lingerie, 150L ZEN CREATIONS - decor, 50L ZOZ - nails, 98L each

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