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Our imagination is the only true freedom we have.

Our imagination is the only true freedom we have. Before you decide that is depressing and melodramatic, consider this. What really impinges on our freedom more than anything? Is it the government or is it the mores and expectations of friends, family, and community? What stops us from pursuing our dreams, the police or our fears?  There are many things that hold us back, health, financial limitations, even time, but for those of us who live in a relatively free society, we are the ones who limit our freedom. As a white woman in the United States, I am relatively free of governmental repression. Of course, there are many cultural limits on women’s freedom and if some get their way, there will be governmental restrictions as well. But given the continuum of freedom in the world, I am comfortably situated on the relatively free section. I have been arrested a few times for my political activities and always released with an apology. For people who are not white, police encounters are more dangerous.… Read the restOur imagination is the only true freedom we have




February 2017
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Styling Credits:
Mesh Head: Catwa Aisha
Eyes: Song Lyn Sunrise Eye
Necklace: Boudoir Plastic Diamonds ~ Red
Dress: Valentina E. Brie Dress ~ Raspberry
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body ~ Lara
Hair: Wasabi Pills Miwa Mesh Hair (here)
Valentina E.:
Wasabi Pills: Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my store DooDads & my sister’s store Sparkle Bunny)

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≛ I Dont See You ≛

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hair-[DUE] Tomonagaears-Evermore. Animated Neko Earseyes-+ Virus Eyes Pack + {aii}braces & headgear-*{( konpeitou )}* kawaii BENTO braces @The Kawaii Project ((NEW))
kimono-*{( konpeitou )}* medical plaid kimono @Lost And Found  ((NEW))

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The LookHead Catwa Catya Bento Head Applier YS&YS  Ludovica @ The Arcade  Mar 01Hair Truth AustenOveralls SPIRIT - Yola denim overalls Work Boots ILLI Maitreya Whitney Work BootsPose DelMay Unicycle Launch
Background All part of Second Spaces You Better Work Gacha @ The Arcade March 01

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Bento Dances by Abranimations

I hadn’t done a dance video in a while and I was itching to do one so I decided to head down to Abranimations to see what new releases they have. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a whole new bento section full of all sorts of dances from ballet to hula […] The post Bento Dances by Abranimations by Strawberry Singh appeared first on

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igotdressed 2017-02-28 15:24:33

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  hair TRUTH HAIR Asuka @Uber wings/bodychain /panties/crown/shoes  Blueberry – Iconic Doll @ The Arcade fur *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole White MESH

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UC gets Kinky!

Wearing - Candice Bodysuit from United Colors (Kink(y) Event)Jewelry - Mara Set from RealEvil Industries (Shiny Shabby)Shoes - Verona Heels from EssenzHair - Tokiwa from ArgraceSkin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Shine Red from ArtePose - #25 from Kiss Me Poses

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shut your mouth and run me like a river

xo,Sophia Harlow 

Tableau Vivant \ Hairplay - Back Blow [Rare]  - Coming Soon to Arcade Gacha*COCO*_LongSleeveShirt(White)+Corset_Maitreya- NEW @ UBER
*COCO*_WrapChoker(1)_Maitreya- NEW @ UBER
Glam Affair - Adley ( LeLutka Applier ) - NEW @ UBER
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.6 
.LeLutka.Teeth.Simone 2.1
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5  
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Coffee  

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Nooo Don’t do it!

Yup SL is borking mad! Suffice to say I did a “status” check and yup it’s not me it’s them. So basically don’t buy, rezz or screw…snigger I made that one up but trust me there is enough screwy stuff going on in SL without us adding to the problem.  I know of a very large and active sim has sent a message out ingroup to do nothing till it’s been resolved. What a bloddy shame as I’ve found some very tasty Freebies and super 25Ld Tuedays goodies but hopefully someone will have kicked the servers or whatever by tomorrow.  So I will see ya then.
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Kitty Cuddles

This little kitty reminds me of my Hazelnut, my fur baby who loves her snuggles. When I am writing I usually have to take a break because she has decided the narrow space in front of my keyboard is the perfect nap spot. Or if I am writing on paper she will bat at my pen to get my attention. She is a highly demanding little creature, but her cuddles are the best. I can't deny her when she wants some loves, she has me well trained. I think her majesty is waiting for a treat, I better go before she gets too, well troublesome.

Outfit: AMITOMO / Better Than GACHA / MAITREYA / 2 / RARE (at Kustom9)Shoes: fri.- Dottie.Sneaks (Coal) - MaitreyaHair: Exile:: Don't Look Back (at Collabor88)Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Head: CATWA HEAD Candy Head Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* - "Gabriella" MixedtypeEyes: CATWA UN-RIGGED EYE Eye Applier: .ARISE.Beena Eyes / Pack 3. Kitten: JIAN Munchkin Kittens 11. Tabby HeldChair: :CP: Rainy Cuddle Couch Clear (PG)Desk: Second Spaces - Sugarplum Desk - mint/whiteJournal: PILOT- Journal [girly]Desk stuff: -tres blah- Workspace - Colored Pencils

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If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One

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Some Useful Facts Regarding Body Jewelry Body jewelry has been existing for quite a long time already. A lot of jewelry makers make sure to provide as many unique pieces of body jewelry as they can to be placed on a variety of body parts. A long time ago, certain ancient cultures do not allow the wearing of any kind of body jewelry. Nonetheless, rich families from certain cultures consider wearing body jewelry a symbol of their strength and wealth. In different eras, different metals and designs have been utilized for body jewelry to fit different fashion trends, budgets, and preferences. Even Cleopatra is popular for her good looks that are accompanied by wearing different kinds of jewelry pieces. As the times have rapidly evolved, jewelry fashion trends have also reached great lengths in making a lot of innovative jewelry developments. In order to keep in touch with the trend, the youth of today want other parts of their bodies to be pierced such as their eyebrows, belly, and even their tongues.… Read the rest

18+ [Whore Couture Fair 7]

Flair For Events™ presents:      Whore Couture Fair 7 (WCF7)March 1 - 31, 2017

Hair    Vanity Hair::Breaking Bad-Greedy @ WCF7

Body    Maitreya
Tattoo    ISUKA Explicit @ WCF7

Collar    Razor/// Halo Posture Collar - Black  @ WCF7
Top    [sYs] SHANE top @ WCF7
Bottom     *MUKA* Foxy  @ WCF7
Bracelets    Kibitz -- Scarlett Bracelets -- Gold @ WCF7
Harness Legs    {ViSion} -S&F *Harness Legs Mia@ WCF7
Boots    Phedora ~ Coax boots  @ WCF7

Pose+glas    ::WetCat:: "Burgundy"  Wine Set @ WCF7
Pose   Infiniti  Behind

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You better wake up.

So you may wonder why I would title this post, “you better wake up!.”  It has nothing to do with the current political climate at all…It has to do with me believing that my outfit is a bit like Sandy’s last outfit in Grease.  HAHAHA!  Anywho.  I found a new store, and it’s great.  It’s called Miss Chelsea. I dropped in while doing my regular Fifty Linden Friday route, which as always, is a great little event to find new stores.  I cannot stress this enough.  FRF is one of those events where you actually GO to the main stores and not only pick up a deal, but get to peek at the stores offerings.  Like everyone, I shop events.  But I really like checking out main stores too!  There were at least 3 new to me stores in Friday’s event, and I love finding new spots to shop.  The top and tights are from Miss Chelsea, and the sky high heels are from Breathe. Hair to love is Monso and the fantastic tattoo is White Widow.… Read the restwakeup_mouse6

Hold the S ’cause I am an aint

“You wanted perfect” “You got your perfect” “But now I’m too perfect for someone like you ” “I was a dandy in your ghetto with” “A snow white smile and you’ll” “Never be as perfect whatever you do” “What’s my name, what’s my name?” “Hold the S because I am an ain’t” “What’s my name,…Read more Hold the S ’cause I am an aint

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News For This Month: Clothing

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How to Buy Cowboy Boots If you’re shopping for a pair of cowboy boots for the first time, the entire process could be a little challenging than you expected. But then again, you never should look at it as a daunting task because the moment you determine what you really want in a pair, it should be a pretty straightforward and fun process overall. Of course, your search will focus on factors like comfort, style, material construction, and price. Fortunately for you, we already have a list of the things you must consider in order to make your shopping as convenient as possible. 1. For the most part, the one that stands out from the rest at first sight is the one you must buy. Yes, you’re prompted to consider so many different factors before you make the right pick on a new pair of cowboy boots, but you also shouldn’t count out the possibility that you might actually find one that will stand out from the rest at first glance. This is where your instincts comes in.… Read the rest

Interesting Research on Fashions – What No One Ever Told You

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Tips On How To Choose The Best Cowboy Boots For A Man. Cowboy boots are the western style boots which are mostly somewhere between the folk art and the functional clothing. When you look around all the people wear them from the presidents to the actors. This kind of a she is basically every man’s wear in that they will be able to stand out in this case. You should know that in many cases you do not have to be a cowboy to wear the cow boots in this case since it is all about the fashion. The western people who are popular in the rodeo business are mostly the people who will be spotted wearing these kind of shoes all the time but every other person can wear them with all other outfits. This is why you will find that some very well dressed men pairing the shoes with some suit or casual wear and making a statement out of it. You will find that in many cases people will tend to worry of choosing the right shoes for themselves in this case. Consider a case where you will be able to know what one is wearing in this case which will help you.… Read the rest

Winner and LOSER!!!(Freebies n New Mina GG).

WHAAAA!!! I popped over to an event because there I believe a couple of tasty GG’s but OHMAI the lag! So I stood where I was frozen and cammed around and spotted a display of yummy home decor items but drat they were Gacha prizes! However, when checking the cost at 50Lds a pop I though goooo onnnnn and I diiiid and OMG won not just a “Rare” but an “ULTRA RARE”.  Woo Hoo what a way to start the day…. ..then I managed to lose my ultra rare!  How I hear you asking?  This build came in a rezzer with a note giving the standard simple instructions but when I decided to derez it the derezzer wouldn’t take it back as it was a “non-copy” so fine I just clicked on the build to take it back into my invent and POOF it’s gone!  Not in my invent, not in my trash, not turned invisible just gone.  I don’t really understand why but I tell you this it does put you off buying from a shop when you’re not sure if the item you get will one day go “poof”.  … Read the restxxxrare1

Weekly Roundup – February 20th through February 26th

Hello again, Skinnies! It is the beginning of the work week again and that means I have tons of new skin releases to show you. I hope you enjoy them! ❤
New Releases:   Mignonne – released Mika (for Lelutka) at Shiny Shabby. Essences – released Leah (for Lelutka) at Shiny Shabby. ItGirls – released Ava (for Lelutka) at their main store location. Modulus – released Esteban (for Catwa) at their main store location. Glam Affair – released Chloe (for Lelutka) at the Lelutka main store. Izzie’s – released Emma (for Akeruka) at their main store location. DeeTaleZ – released Anzu (for Catwa) at Uber. WoW Skins – released Anais (for Catwa) at The Designer Circle.
That’s the skinny, Skinnies! I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly roundup. Don’t be afraid to try a new look and see yourself in a new way. (multi)Muse P.S. Don’t forget to join the in-world group for updates right in your viewer and chat with ALL the awesome people.… Read the rest32165613774_4a8be53fca_o


“Eight in the morning and I’m up yawning.” “My phone’s almost dead cause everyone is callin'” “It’s breakfast time and I need my apple jacks” “And I need my fresh grape syrup and a money stack.” “I-I-I-I-‘m Hungry,hungry hungry, for this money” BODY Hair: Doe – Amoira – Reds [New][@ C88] Skin: Glam Affair –…Read more Breakfast

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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: Mina - Irma
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears
Outfit: Supernatural - Valentina Black @ Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: Bishes Inc - Cute Heels
Bracelets: Goth1c0 - Samantha Bracelet
Collar: [I<3C] - Collar 01 @ Suicide Dolls
Nails: Astralia - Rock Nails @ N21
Tattoo: Aurica Store - Goldi Tattoo @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Pose:  <K&S> - Help Me Lose My Mind @ Lost & Found
Candle: Random.Matter - Paint It Black
Wine: Kunst - Don Perdigon Ppen Bottle & Glasses / Rose

 ::On Alex::
Body: Signature - Gianni
Hair:  Drot - Tobi
Jeans: Not So Bad - NLY Jeans

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