Lovin’ Love

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Love: Blush(Gacha), Love: Hustle(Hair Fair Gift), Love: Forget Me Not(Hair Fair Gift)

The great thing about hair fair, is no matter how long you have been in sl, there is always some new to you store that pops up. It's like a magical journey, with new treasures to discover at every turn.

This year my new find was the store Love. It's a relatively new store, but they already have some impressive events they have participated in on their belt.

When doing the gift roundup, Love hadn't had their gift out yet, so I decided to do this little feature, to let you know about their Hair Fair gift. There is 3 separate hairs in the pack, each with it's own hud, so you can sort of test some of what the store has to offer, texture wise. I am only showing 2 of the styles, the 3rd didn't really suit my avatar very well, I have a super huge head, so I find sometimes styles that are rigged closer to the scalp just does not work well for me.

Love @ Hair Fair 2016

Love has 3 charity hairs at Hair Fair too, I this the one with the mini buns is super cute.

I also checked out the mainstore, which is undergoing some changes right now. In the front of the shop you will find a few gachas. The Blush hairstyle is from one of those. I LOVE big hair, so was really happy to see this style. I know I am going to come up with all sorts of interesting outfits for it.

You can visit the Love Hair Fair Booth HERE and the Love Mainstore HERE.


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