Wait for Me and I Will Go With You

Me: I’m finally happy
Life: Wait a sec

Wait for Me and I Will Go With You

Hold on a second, I will go with you. I think one of the reason’s I’ve been single for so long is because quite oft I don’t want to hold on a second. Especially by the second day of a weekend spent in a tiny condominium on the beach. When Taylor and I are spending time at his house there always seems to be just enough room for me to have alone space and for him to do, you know, whatever it is a gentleman farmer does on the weekend. As an aside, there is a new bunch of young bulls in the pasture behind the house and always wanting to please, I googled “treats for cows” and it mentioned strawberries are an “extra special treat.” Being an “extra special caretaker” I purchased a carton full of them and went out to introduce myself to the new moos. Having only the use of a left hand due to my broken right elbow I underhand threw one out in the direction of the bull. He kind of stared at me, I kind of encouraged back with something like “come on, try it, it’s so good.” He bent down and ate some more grass. Feeling that perhaps I hadn’t gotten my point across to him, I decided to throw another one and try to throw it a little closer to him. I wound up and tossed with as much umpf as a right handed non-pitcher could do left handed and it smacked him right between the eyes. His eyes got huge. I mean REALLY HUGE, he looked at me, then at the ground, then at me, and turned tail and ran over the hill. Strawberries are an extra special treat m (Read more...)

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