How to Feel Better About Missing Inventory and Life

Tragedy has struck; my entire SKIRT folder is missing. It disappeared while I was trying to move sub-folders around inside of it. I am trying not to panic, but it's not easy since I put a lot of money into that folder. I tried every trick I could think of; which means I cleared cache and relogged a bunch of times. (I even searched inside of every object around me at the time to make sure I hadn't accidentally dragged the folder inside of it, because that odd thing has happened to me before.)

This is where my RL mom would say something like, "Keep looking. It didn't just grow legs and walk off." But my mom has no idea what SL is like; my skirt folder actually could have grown legs and walked off! 

I gave in and submitted a support ticket to Linden Lab for help. I predict that they'll message me back in a few days weeks to tell me to clear cache and relog. 

After all these years, you'd think LL would have designed a non-sadistic asset server. The Lab might think that the world economy is based on land fees. But, as it often is, LL is wrong. SL is based on inventory: buying, paying for, organizing, and using stuff! To many users, myself included, SL is a game where you shop and shop and shop until you win by being the most devastatingly good-looking avatar on the grid. 

Luckily, I have a brilliant idea for outsmarting the asset server. It's a solution to losing items* that will also help you keep your inventory small. Here it is:

  1. Buy stuff. 
  2. Un (Read more...)

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