Espionage at Collabor88!


Collabor88 is here again with a new round, themed Espionage! Spy stuff galore! There are sexy dresses, mile high heels, and so many more spy themed goodies. You definitely must check it out so sneak on over before it ends on March 6th!

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MIA: Casa Del Shai, Consignment, Emery, Fashionably Dead, Katat0nik, Milk Motion, Monso, Olive, and Sorgo.


ADD ANDEL - metal bars/safe, 88L each AYASHI - hair/fatpack, 250L each/400L each/1,500L AN LAR POSES - poses, 88L each ANE - jewelry/fatpack, 188L each/1088L ATOMIC - nails/eyes/fatpack, 88L each/988L BAIASTICE - dress/fatpack, 188L each/888L BAIASTICE - gun, 88L BAIASTICE - heels/fatpack, 188L each/1288L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - skybox, 188L BBQQ - gate, 388L BEEBU AND TEEFY - accessories, 88L each CANDYDOLL - dress/heels/fatpacks, 188L each/488L each/1899L/2899L CLAWTOOTH - hair/fatpack, 188L each/388L/1688L CLAWTOOTH - hair/fatpack, 188L each/388L/1688L CLICK - poses, 88L each CUBIC CHERRY - potatoes, 188L DEAD DOLLZ - dress/fatpack, 288L each/2088L DECOY - dress, 188L each DIVA - hair/fatpack, 188L each/888L DRD - see description for details DUST BUNNY AND OMEN - bird cage/fatpack, 188L each/288L ERRATIC - lingerie/fatpack, 388L each/2888L EXILE - hairs/fatpacks, 188L each/888L each FLOORPLAN - lamps, 88L each FLOWEY - dress/fatpack, 188L each/2188L FOXES - jacket/dress/fatpack, 188L each/2888L GENESIS LAB - lipsticks/mesh head, 188L each/788L each GLAM AFFAIR - skin, 288L each HALF DEER AND LE POPPYCOCK - poses, 188L each HUCCI - dress/heels/fatpacks, 88L each/788L each ICONIC - hairs/fatpacks, 288L each/388L each/488L each/2188L each INGENUE - heels/fatpack, 188L each/1088L ISON - clothing/necklace/fatpacks, 188L each/88L each/888L each LABEL MOTION - poses, 88L each LAGYO - accessories, 88L/188L each LAMB - hair, 188L each/288L each LE POPPYCOCK - poses, 188L each/88L LISP - chair, 88L LISP - chair, 88L LITTLE BONES - hair/fatpack, 288L each/1988L MA VIE - poses, 188L each/88L MARUKIN - poses, 88L MAXI GOSSAMER - jewelry/fatpack, 288L/188L/388L MEVA - jewelry/boots, 188L each MISHMISH - accessories/cats, 88L each/188L each/288L MOON AMORE - hat/dress/belt/fatpacks, 188L each/88L/888L each MOON HAIR - hair/fatpack, 188L each/288L each/388L/2088L MUTRESSE - boots, 188L N CORE - heels/fatpack, 288L each/1888L NOMAD - game, 288L NOODLES - glasses/fatpack, 88L each/588L NYLON OUTFITTERS - dresses/accessories, 88L each/188L each PIXICAT - dress/fatpack, 288L each/888L PURE POISON - lamp/heels, 88L/188L PURPLE POSES - poses, 88L each/188L R2 FASHION - boots, 88L each RC CLUSTER - games/accessories, 188L each SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SECOND SPACES - evil lair, 188L SECOND SPACES - evil lair, 188L SILENT SPARROW - weasels, 188L each SILVERY K - kimono/fatpack, 88L each/500L SOY - dummy/gun set, 88L each SPIRIT AND KITJA - top/skirt/fatpacks, 188L each/888L each TABLEAU VIVANT - hair/fatpack, 188L each/888L TARTE - vanity/chair, 288L/188L each TETRA - heels/fatpack, 188L each/888L THE LOFT AND ARIA - sitting room furniture, 88L-588L each THE LOFT AND ARIA - sitting room furniture, 88L-588L each THE SECRET STORE - top/skirt/fatpacks, 188L each/888L/1188L THE SKINNERY - head applier, 388L each THEOSOPHY - chair, 88L each TRES BLAH - dress/fatpack, 188L each/888L TROMPE LOEIL - armchair, 88L/188L UFO - dress, 188L each UMEBOSHI - skin/eyes, 88L each VEECHI - nails/eyeshadow, 88L each WHAT NEXT - see description for details YOURSKIN AND YOURSHAPE - head applier/skin/shape, 488L each/388L each/88L YUMMY - accessories/fatpack, 88L each/188L each/288L ZAARA - gown/fatpack, 588L each/3888L ZENITH - clutch/dress, 188L each/288L each

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