The Play Room’s 1 year Anniversary is here!!


Alright my little friends The Play Room is not only open it is their 1 year anniversary!! Get excited because not only is this the gacha kids place of all time but this round has anniversary presents presented by the awesome designers that you won’t want to miss out on. It all starts today and ends at the ends on the 31st of January. So, grab your friends, family, neighbor, or whoever you want to take shopping because it is time to crack open those piggy banks and load up the inventory!


Teleport to The Play Room


ARHAUSE - sweaters and props, 50L per play AURAS - frames, 25L per play AURAS - pals, 40L per play BOX - games, 45L per play BUGLETS - boots, 50L per play CANDY CLOUD - boats, 45L per play COSMIC DUST - sweater, 50L per play DOODLEZ - dollies, 30L per play GIMMICK - shoes, 99L per play KALEIDOSCOPE - trinket box, 25L per play LAZY UNICORN - decor, 50L per play LITTLE DIVA - outfit, 50L per play LITTLE DIVA - ice skates, 50L per play LITTLE LLAMA - poses and props, 50L per play LITTLE LLAMA - dragons, 50L per play LITTLE MOMENTS - shoes, 40L per play LOVE BUGS GESTURES - gestures, 30L per play MCKIDZ - decor, 50L per play MONKEY POX - outfit, 35L per play NACH - bedroom, 75L per play PYGARS STUFF THAT HE MADE - trophies, 50L per play RC CLUSTER - wall decor, 35L per play SMALL WORLD - teddy bears, 50L per play SNAP HAPPY POSES - poses and props, 50L per play SNAP HAPPY POSES - clocks, 50L per play TIC TOT TOE - shirts, 40L per play TINY BUTTONS - necklaces, 50L per play TINY BUTTONS - sweaters, 50L per play TINY GEMS - bears, 40L per play TODDLETEEZ - outfit, 40L per play UGLY DUCKLING - boots, 60L per play VICARIOUS YOUTH - boots, 50L per play VICARIOUS YOUTH - sweater, 50L per play WINDSONG - bedroom decor, 50L per play XOXO POSES - poses and props, 50L per play

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