The Mens Dept Starts the Year in Style!


The Mens Dept rings in the new year with a stylish new round! As always it’s filled with gorgeous items for men (and some for women too!) like sexy coats, tattoos, and so much more! Check it out before it ends on January 31st!


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MIA: Monso, United Colors, and Unorthodox.


2BYTE - sweater, 250L each AITUI - tattoo, 275L APHORISM - coat/fatpack, 300L each/1350L APPLE FALL - billiards table, 200L/300L BEE BU - calendar, 75L BENJAMINZ - pants/add ons/key/fatpack, 275L each/100L each/825L BLANK LINE - jacket, 200L each CHEEKY PEA - chair, 200L each/300L each CLAVV - top/pants, 200L each/150L each CLEF DE PEAU - see description for details COLD ASH - sweater, 125L/220L COSMIC DUST - sweater/fatpack, 200L each/1500L DROP - hoodie, 220L each DROT - hair/fatpack, 200L each/1000L FABULOUS AND TRENDY - vest, 225L each GABRIEL - cap/jacket/fatpacks, 185L each/280L each/500L/900L GIZZA - sweater, 210L each HOORENBEEK - outfit/cuff/beanie, 299L/199L each INERTIA - pose, 150L INK - jewelry/hair/fatpack, 160L each/200L each/888L INSUFERABLE DASTARD - eyes/fatpack, 299L each/499L K - top/pants/fatpacks, 160L each/170L each/630L/720L LABYRINTH - skin/shape, 300L each LE PRIMITIF - jacket, 300L each MADPEA - see description for details MALO - coat/fatpack, 220L each/600L MINIMAL - jewelry/fatpack, 150L/200L each/499L MODULUS - jacket/fatpacks, 265L each/500L each MOVE - dances/fatpacks, 150L each/2250L each N4RS - bedroom decor, 150L each NO PROJECT - hair/fatpack, 210L each/882L NOT SO BAD - coat/fatpack, 300L each/850L PUMPKIN - shirt, 249L each RECKLESS - tattoo, 299L REVIVAL - boat seat, 300L SAU MOTORCYCLES - dog bowl/dogs, 50L/200L each SCARS - pants/fatpack, 290L each/555L SEUL - overalls, 299L each SLEEPY EDDY - coat, 250L each SORGO - glasses, 150L each SPEAKEASY - tattoos, 199L each SWEAR LAPOINTE AND BASTCHILD - necklace, 249L TORO - pose props/fatpack, 150L each/279L VALEKOER - socks/shoes/fatpack, 25L each/99L/249L each/799L VRSION - jacket/gloves/mask/fatpack, 220L each/200L/88L/1000L WONTON - overcoat, 275L each XIN - shirt, 350L each


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