The Dressing Room Rings In the New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you’ve all recovered from your partying and it’s back to work days for many of us now.  The Dressing Room brings some fabulous fashions, accessories, avatar enhancements, and poses to perk up up from your post holiday blahs!  Open January 4 – January 15, 2016!

♣ Cinder

Teleport To The Dressing Room


ADORED BODYSHOP - makeup/nail appliers, 70L each/99L each BLACK BANTAM - accessory, 35L each BLUES - hair, 245L each/399L COSETTE - dress, 99L each CYNFUL - outfit, 70L each DEESSES BOUTIQUE - nail appliers, 99L each DEESSES BOUTIQUE - makeup, 99L each ESSENZ - shoes, 70L each EVANI - outfit/fatpack, 70L each/400L FISHY STRAWBERRY - top, 60L each FOREVER YOUNG - pants, 99L each GLOW STUDIO - jewelry/coat, 85L each/60L/88L each ICONS OF STYLE - pose, 80L each KIBITZ - jewelry, 70L each KITJA - shirt/pants/fatpack, 70L each/700L LA BAGUETTE - pose/fatpack, 25L each/60L each LAZY BONES - top/shorts, 70L each LE PRIMITIF - sweater/jeans, 70L each LYBRA - accessory, 99L each MINIMAL - jewelry, 99L/70L MODULUS - hair/fatpack, 70L each/200L MODULUS - pants/fatpack, 70L each/300L NOVA - makeup, 75L each/49L each PLASTIK - dress/fatpack, 70L each/440L POSEL - pose, 40L POSEL - pose, 40L/45L POSEL - pose, 40L RAMA - shirt/skirt, 70L each RICIELLI - shoes/fatpack, 99L each/249L SPEAKEASY - tattoo, 99L TRACEI - jewelry, 70L each WHATEVER - shoes, 70L each WHATEVER - tattoo, 70L each XHALE - dress/bag, 70L each/90L each YOUR SKIN AND YOUR SHAPE - jewelry, 90L each

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