Roses and Pearls at Fi*Fridays


Fi*Fridays has arrived with a lovely new round full of amazing items! Gorgeous dresses, sexy lingerie, fabulous tattoos, and so much more! Hurry down before it ends on January 11th!


Teleport to Fi*Fridays


BELLE P APPAREL - top, 55L each BELLE P APPAREL - bracelets, 55L each BELLE POSES - pose set, 55L BENS BEAUTY - hair, 55L BENS BEAUTY - dress, 55L each BENS BEAUTY - heels, 55L BITTERSWEET - top/dress, 55L each BLACK BANTAM - tote, 55L each BODY FACTORY - piercing, 25L per play BODY FACTORY - boots, 55L each CDA - jacket/shirt/hoodie, 55L each CDA - jacket, 55L each CDA - boxers, 55L each CHICAGO INK - outfit, 55L each CLOCKHAUS - shirt, 55L each CLOCKHAUS - sandals, 55L per play EMPORIUM - shoes, 55L per play EMPORIUM - jacket, 55L EMPORIUM - shoes, 55L each EPOCH - leggings/top, 55L each GLITZZ - nipple piercing, 55L each GO DIVA - jumper, 55L each GOSSIP - sweatshirt, 55L each IAF - jacket, 55L each IAF - heels, 55L each INVICTUS - tank top, 55L each INVICTUS - ring, 55L each LALA LAND - shirt, 55L each LE FORME - harness, 55L per play LE FORME - mini skirt, 55L each MINT - dress, 55L each MODERN COUTURE - headpiece, 55L each MYNX - boots, 55L each PURE - tank top, 55L each PURE - jeans, 55L each REVANCHE - dress, 55L each RHYE - bag, 55L each SINCE 1975 - nipple accessories, 55L per play SINCE 1975 - cane, 55L each STORAX TREE - see description for details SUPERNATURAL - lingerie/stockings, 55L each SUPERNATURAL - heels, 55L each TATTOO MANIA - tattoos, 55L each U REFINED - necklace, 55L each UNBOTHERED - top/skirt/dress, 55L each

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