On9 Sparkles and Shines!


On9 is back at a new time, with some new amazing items! On9 now opens at noon, so mark your calendars! There are tons of sexy, sparkly items to check out this round. Also, each designer has only one item marked down at a discount, and you must hunt around to find which one it is! Fun! Hurry over before it ends on January 28th.

❤ Indigo

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AMITIE - poses/fatpacks, 50L each/200L each/300L each ANAMARKOVA - dress/heels, 179L each/139L each AZOURY - headpiece, 269L each BY CHIANA OH - sidetable/fatpack, 100L each/400L CERBERUSXING - piercing, 150L each CHICCHICA - heels/fatpack, 195L each/900L DAMSELFLY - hair/fatpack, 250L each/450L/1500L ECLIPSE - coat, 275L each EMOTIONS - hair/fatpack, 245L each/900L ERSCH - accessories, 50L per play ERSCH - accessories, 50L per play ESSENZ - heels/fatpacks, 280L each/630L each/1260L/2100L GARBAGGIO - heels, 150L each HAYSURIZA - glasses, 160L each HMAEM - skirt/shirt, 90L each/100L each ICONIC - hair/fatpack, 300L each/375L/420L/475L/575L/2575L KUNGLERS - necklace, 250L each LA GAZZA LADRA - scarf/skirt/top, 119L each/179L each/129L LAKSHMI - dress, 300L each LAVIAN - clothing, 99L/149L each LYBRA - dress, 495L each ME SEW SEXY - dress, 249L each METHOD - crop top, 180L each MEVA - scarf, 180L each MODERN COUTURE - collar, 188L each MUA - eyeshadow/fatpack, 99L each/399L NEWCHURCH - bed, 475L each/875L each NO MATCH - hair/fatpack, 200L each/600L OCTOPLUS - eyeshadow/lipgloss/fatpacks, 60L each/225L each PINK ACID - horn, 65L each POSESION - poses/fatpack, 80L each/300L PURPLEMOON - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/597L RICIELLI - clothing, 89L per play SERENITY STYLE - decor, 140L each SHUTTER FIELD - fence decor, 80L each SINCE 1975 - coffee, 55L per play SLACKGIRL - accesories, 248L/310L SUKI - lingerie, 280L each TUKINOWAGUMA - hair, 200L each/400L WICCAS WARDROBE - heels/fatpacks, 179L each/399L each ZIBSKA - jewelry/fatpack, 250L each/400L

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