It’s Holographic at Collabor88!


Collabor88 is back this new year with a fabulous, holographic themed round! Sexy, shiny outfits and sparkly things galore! I promise, you will not want to miss this round. Grab your shoppin’ shoes and teleport over here to this fantastic event before it ends on February 6th!


Teleport to Collabor88

MIA: Casa del Shai, Emery, Howl, Lark, Moon Amore, Noodles, Pilot, and Tee*fy.


ADDAMS - bodysuit/skirt/fatpacks, 188L each/1188L ATOMIC - hair/fatpack, 288L each/1488L BAISTICE - skirt/jacket/fatpack, 88L each/188L each/688L/1188L each BAISTICE - skirt/jacket/fatpack, 88L each/188L each/1188L each BAISTICE - jacket/fatpack, 188L each/1188L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - building, 288L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - building, 288L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - building, 288L BLUEBERRY - top/shorts/fatpacks, 188L each/1188L each BUENO - top/pants/fatpacks, 88L each/188L each/488L each CANDYDOLL - dress/fatpack, 188L each/1188L CLAWTOOTH - hair/fatpack, 188L each/388L/1688L CLAWTOOTH - hair/fatpack, 188L each/388L/1688L CONSIGNMENT - chair, 188L each/388L each DECOY - top/cardigan, 88L each/188L each DIVA - hair/fatpack, 188L each/888L DUST BUNNY - skybox, 188L ERRATIC - bodysuit/fatpack, 288L each/1888L EXILE - hair/fatpack, 188L each/888L FASHIONABLY DEAD - top/skirt, 188L each FASHIONABLY DEAD - top, 188L each FASHIONABLY DEAD - skirt, 188L each FLOORPLAN - wall decor, 88L each FLOWEY - top/pants/fatpacks, 88L each/188L each/388L/1388L FOXES - outfit/fatpack, 188L each/3888L FOXES - outfit/fatpack, 188L each/3888L FOXES - outfit/fatpack, 188L each/3888L FRIDAY - heels/fatpack, 188L each/988L GLAM AFFAIR - head appliers, 288L each GLAM AFFAIR - necklace, 188L each HALF DEER - balloons/fatpack, 188L each/488L INGENUE - heels/fatpack, 188L each/1088L INTRIGUE CO - glasses/fatpack, 88L each/288L ISON - bag/dress/heels/fatpacks, 188L each/888L JIAN - tree/path, 88L each KATAT0NIK - wing accessories, 188L LAGYO - accessories, 188L each LAMB - hairs, 188L each/288L each LISP - fireplace, 188L LITTLE BONES - hairs/fatpacks, 288L each/1988L each MARUKIN - poses, 88L MAXI GOSSAMER - necklace/ring/fatpack MILK MOTION - skirt, 188L each MINIMAL - jewelry/fatpacks, 188L each/388L each MONSO - hair, 188L each/288L each MURRAY - see description for details NOMAD - game, 288L each NYLON OUTFITTERS - dress/makeup/wig, 88L each/188L PIXICAT - skirt/top/fatpacks, 188L each/88L each/888L each PURE POISON - boots, 188L PURPLE POSES - poses, 88L each R2 FASHION - outfit, 88L each RAZZBERRY INC - shoes/fatpacks, 188L each/288L each SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SCARLET CREATIVE - house, 188L SECOND SPACES - furniture, 88L each SECOND SPACES - furniture, 88L each SORGO - glasses, 88L each SOY - decor, 88L SPIRIT - jacket/dress/fatpack, 288L each/188L each/1888L TABLEU VIVANT - hairs/fatpacks, 188L each/888L each TARTE - wall decor, 88L/188L each THE LOFT AND ARIA - see description for details THE SKINNERY - head applier, 388L each TRES BLAH - top/skirt/fatpacks, 188L each/900L each TROMPE LOEIL - cottage, 188L TROMPE LOEIL - cottage, 188L TROMPE LOEIL - cottage, 188L UFO - dress/bag, 188L each VINYL - top/pants/fatpacks, 188L each/1188L each WHAT NEXT - boxes, 88L each ZAARA - earrings/fatpacks, 388L each/888L each ZENITH - sweater/bag, 188L each

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