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Welcome the Official SL Free*Stylist

Hey Guys, it has been a long time coming, but I'm the official SL Free*Style Avatar. I have been on the grid for some time, but am mostly just used when official Free*Style stuff needs to be done. I was asked sometime in the middle of last year if I'd be willing to start featuring some things on Free*Style, and I said, sure, why not!
I'll be covering a lot of the stores that Free*Style officially supports, from the birth of the blog, until now. You will see many item found in Shop Free*Style showing up on here as well. Sometimes I might even make lists of things to go and pick up.
Forgive my lack of all the most current mesh parts, I am but a lowly minion, and have never had many lindens to my name. Heck, I can even claim to have Free in my name.
Okay . . .  that was cheesy . . .
On to the goods!

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt is on! Each Prize is L$10, but well worth it. You can preview the prizes HERE.


Shape - External Appearance Shapes - Yaris Shape - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Hair - Alice Project - Summertime Sadness w/Colourchange Hud - L$0 on SL Marketplace
Skin - Deluxe Body Factory - Sakura Skin in Ash Tone - L$10 Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
Eyes - Avi-Glam - Naiad Eyes - L$15 New Years Instore Hunt
Sweater - 1 Hundred - Cutie Cardi in Sky - SL Free & Offer Group Gift (Free to Join)
Jeans - HOC Industries - Skinny Jeans w/Colourchange Hud - L$10 on SL Marketplace
Warmer&Hands  - Le Poppycock - Cozy Lolita Armwarmers - L$10 Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
Flower Wreath - (Read more...)

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Being yourself is the prettiest thing you could be

The LookHead Lelutka Aria v1.3Lelutka Head Applier Glam Affair Triss Jamaica 10 RARE  @ Shiny ShabbyDress and Vest Gawk Rose Woolen Dress with Vest Hair No Match No Smile @ On9 Starts Jan 09Shoes ChicChica Trish Lattte Maitreya @ The Chapter FourPose an lar The Seattle Series Four m @ Shiny Shabby

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The Mens Dept Starts the Year in Style!

The Mens Dept rings in the new year with a stylish new round! As always it’s filled with gorgeous items for men (and some for women too!) like sexy coats, tattoos, and so much more! Check it out before it ends on January 31st! Indigo Teleport to The Mens Dept MIA: Monso, United Colors, and Unorthodox. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >   

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The force is with me…

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[Deadwool] Ernst sweater - chamois 8f8_SUEDE IT! - Coal::GB::Beanie thick stripes mono ::GB::Damege sagging pants / Dark Indigo ** GB prepared a 500L$ Gift card for VIP group members as Christmas Gift in the Main store.(Thanks)

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Hair: Exile ~ Bewitched  
Skin: Lumae ~Adore 5 ~ Amber
Head: Catwa ~ Jessica V4.3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Promise Eyes/Nymph

○•○OUTFIT○•○♥Dress: Zombie Suicide ~ Pagan Xmas Dress
Stockings: CandyDoll ~ Mayumi Socks

Bed: At Home Designs ~ His & Hers Plush Bed
Lamp: Shabby Apple ~ Vine Lamp

○•○POSES○•○Focus Poses ~ On The Floor 14

Glitterati ~ 34
Ploom ~ Present II

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You’re Coming With Me!

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The Sir Monthly Event arrives January 8th! Sir Monthly is a Men's fasion event designed to bring a fresh men's affair to the grid.  The event is geared to be a venue for new designers to be discovered and share their up and coming talents.
For more Sir Monthly details, be sure to visit 
Pose: Poseology @ Sir Monthly - Goofing Off

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Cat Lady

New bundle of stylish is out at ArisAris, and it son a special promotion  @ $199L for the first fifteen sold (normal price will be $499L) So what do you get? Heres the deets: Most original outfit, very complete with jacket, pants and shoes in a classic fabric, but with original embroidered pompoms -2 sizes for Shoes – Maitreya and Slink
-7 sizes for balloon Shorts (freya, isis of belleza and 5 standard sizes)
-5 sizes for Jacket (standard)
-2 Alphas
New materials I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body and its a great fit, although I found with my shape I needed to wear the Medium shorts and small jacket – your mileage may vary! The bodysuit is not included btw – it’s an old one I tossed on sorry! ArisAris market place ArisAris Store
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#449 What’s purple, purple and purple all over, and a little bit shadowy?

This post starts with a tale of two pc's, and is the reason this first post of 2016 has taken longer than usual.  The first pc was woefully unequipped for sl, and crawled on an average fps of 7-9 (seriously), crashed multiple times a day, and advanced graphic settings were impossible.  SL and this blog became a real slog and it was no fun, so towards the end of last year I had reached the point where it was so bad that I was seriously thinking of giving up this blog, and even leaving sl for good.  
Thankfully, due to a totally unexpected event irl (thanks mum xx) this has all changed as I am writing this from my new pc which averages 70 fps, and on which I can run round the grid on high, suffer no lag, and even better, can use advanced graphics - shadows, yay!  It is like the shade has suddenly been lifted on sl, and I am almost dazzled by the colour, the speed, the general awesomeness.
Anyway, I am now hoping that I can raise the standard of this little blog and produce far better pics, and again I say - shadows!!… Read the restPost #449

New Year – New Gorgeous GizzA!

Gizza Creations is starting the New Year in gorgeous style with some fabulous new releases which have me thinking this is going to be an awesome year full of amazingness from them!  Check these out now and see why it's going to be a GizzA New Year!

Ribboned Ruffle Dress - includes colour change bow - out now at The Chapter Four
Hair - Kagari from ArgraceSkin - Rie from Lara Hurley
Crystal Formal Dress with Crystal Faux Fur StoleHair - Hotaru from ArgraceSkin - Ale from Lara Hurley
Shimmery Jumpsuit SetHair - Kaede from ArgraceSkin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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It’s About Time for Some Sn@tch Pt.2

Part TWO of Sn@tch's Catch up New Years! Here's a bunch more!First the NEW YEARS Fishing Outfit (Fish for all the parts for FREE with your 7 Seas Rod). then on to the Newest Releases!

And that's it! All caught up. I hope you find something you love that makes you feel fantastic to wear and that you and the ones you care about have a beautiful, exciting and prosperous year!Here's a ride to Sn@tch!

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I’s about time for some Sn@tch Pt, 1

Finally after a long month of working and traveling (I miss my family already!) I neeeed to catch up with some Sn@tch blog posts so here is a recap of the last few weeks of Sn@tch New Releases! Probably going to be two posts lol I make way to much stuff! 

More to come! Here's a ride to Sn@tch so you can see what's NEW!

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Computer Dead – I’m a Ghost – Welcome 2016!!!

Hey Guys, it has been a while.
So I went out over the holidays, and while I was out, the baby decided that dropping my computer off my work table would be a fun thing.
I have been dealing with the loss of it, and the new rig, for the last little while. Seems Windows 10 HATES second life and Firestorm. Official Viewer doesn't even support it. Hasn't it been out for like ever? Made me sort of glad I stuck to Windows 8, even with my general dislike of it.
I haven't recovered my data yet, and as of now, I do not have photoshop or any of my other programs on my new rig. It will take me a bit to transition back into my normal schedual, as I now have to catch up on work related things.
I wanted to let you know, I had lovely posts, and lovely welcome to the new years pics, just for all of you! I wore a gown and everything!
I do hope you all had an enjoyable holiday, and hope you will forge forth with the Free*Style team, into 2016.
I guess my 2015 went out with a BANG! then a pop and a fizzle, haha. Hopefully this doesn't mark me for bad luck for the new year.… Read the rest

The Play Room’s 1 year Anniversary is here!!

Alright my little friends The Play Room is not only open it is their 1 year anniversary!! Get excited because not only is this the gacha kids place of all time but this round has anniversary presents presented by the awesome designers that you won’t want to miss out on. It all starts today and ends at the ends on the 31st of January. So, grab your friends, family, neighbor, or whoever you want to take shopping because it is time to crack open those piggy banks and load up the inventory! ❣Mocha❣ Teleport to The Play Room < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Same Place

Years fly by, but the heart stays in the same place. ~ Harlan Coben Continue reading →

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What a difference a day makes.

Drat I’ve been so MIA I’ve almost missed the latest The Cart Sale which means I’ve missed out on ooodles of super 10Ld bargains.  From previous visits I know you can get everything from SLink shoes to full builds and everything in between.  However I also know that although it’s official last day is the 6th previously a lot of the designers are a bit lazy in clearing off their stands which means for us late comers there is still plenty of time to grab some cheap goodies. The reason I’ve just remembered this event is that Ever Wonder who owns a shop called More Than Ever sent me a new discounted outfit.  This cardie/jeans combo isn’t her Cart sale item, thats a rather pretty dress and a very nice quality fur shrug, and I do believe that this dress is also the first she has done that comes with SLink Boobie Appliers.  This cardie/jeans combo is only found for the moment at the Designer Showcase event and Ever Wonder has upped her game even more because this outfit comes with all the fitmesh sizes but also a Mesh Body version so if you wear SLink, Maitreya, Belleza or Omega then there is a size for you and add to that the jeans also come with an applier and even after all this time fashion wh*res like me still need to have some system layers when you want to create a look with a lot of Mesh. … Read the restXXXEverwonderuse

Designer Showcase is Open for the New Year!

  Designer Showcase is back again with another round to start off the new year right! Need a new necklace or a new outfit? How about some shoes?! Designer Showcase has you covered! Get your friends and let’s go shopping! This round ends on January 31st. Ginger <3 xoxo Teleport to Designer Showcase < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Kid to Kid to the stars!

Kid to Kid is blasting off into space this month! There’s things for the little sci-fi nerd in you, explorers of the galaxy, and lots of my favorite galaxy prints! It’s out of this world! (oh yes, I did). Get over there at light speed, Kid to Kid runs until January 31st! Nivaya<3 Teleport to Kid to Kid MIA: Cooley < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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A Carefully Whispered Lie

To every whisper if you listen carefully, you will hear or fail to hear something. ~ Auliq Ice I know, I know, the picture has nothing to do with the words. Though sometimes I imagine you can hear a quite a few whispered lies in the deafening silence of a softly falling snow. I had other directions to wander my words on this day, but the following poem fell into my eyesight and the day otherwise just became a tad bit melancholy. “When you left
you left behind a field
of silent flowers
under a sky
full of unstirred clouds…you left
a million butterflies
mid-silky flutters You left like midnight rain
against my dreaming ears Oh and how you left
leaving my coffee scentless
and my couch comfortless leaving upon my fingers
the melting snow of you you left behind
a calendar full of empty days
and seasons full of aimless wanders leaving me alone
with an armful of sunsets your reflection behind
in every puddle
your whispers
upon every curtain
your fragrance
inside every petal you left your echoes in between
the silence of my eyes Oh and how you left
leaving my sands footless
and my shores songless leaving me with windows full of
moistened moonlight nights and nights
of only a half-warmed soul and when you left…
you left behind a lifetime
of moments untouched the light of a million stars
unshed and when you left
you somehow
left my poem…unfinished.… Read the rest23549661489_2bb0415d7b_o

New Year with the family

How does one ring in the new year with a little kid. Well if it anything like here it means the adults are ready for bed by 10 pm. while the little person is bouncing off the walls. My sister and I were happy to power through to the ball drop and as the lower so did the Livy's energy levels. We all finally crashed for the night getting the first sleep of the New Year. The next morning, as much as I was in need to coffee, I made some "fancy" hot chocolate for Livy. Not to worry there was also a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

While we were all together I thought I would set up my camera to take a photo of the three of us together. It doesn't happen often that we are all together for more than a little while so I wanted to save the moment.

Hopefully there will be more family time in the new year. Maybe that will be my resolution this year...

On Phire
Pajamas: flowey / Wool Me Tender - Sleepies Set / Green
Hair: Exile::Cozy Winter Nights
Head: LOGO Alex v3.0
Head Applier: Izzie's - LOGO Alex Appliers (Tiggi freckles peach)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Tray: flowey / Wool Me Tender - Grumpy Hot Chocolate / RARE

On Livy
Pajamas: {Petite Bowtique} Holly Outfit
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko Mesh Hair - Pancake
Body: Cutebytes (ToddleeDoo) BABY - Girl
Skin: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI :cream:
Eyes:  (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI EYES #ghana sweet

On Bunny
Pajamas: flowey / Wool Me Tender - Sleepies Set / Navy
Hair: [e] Chantal
Head: Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4

T (Read more...)

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Minuet at the Family Closet

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Out now for The Family Closet! Includes unrigged adult & toddleedoo sizes, as well as both prints.

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