Rock the Boat

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Jerremy and I needed a new rowboat. That meant shopping, because this one I am sitting in above is the one Jerremy had.

Now, I love my husband very much, but some of the things that come out of his inventory are very "interesting." I'm pretty certain that he has never ever thrown anything out. I imagine that his inventory is like an archaeological dig site. Only dustier. 

Of course, I didn't come here to tell you about Jerremy's inventory. I came here to tell you about sex rowboats. 

While shopping for a new boat, I've run across an awful lot of sex rowboats. That seems dangerous. Isn't the standard advice for rowboats that you should never stand up in them? How are we expected to go through the kama sutra in one? Someone is vastly overestimating my sense of balance during climax. 

There is a reason that most sex and all floor gymnastics routines take place on a soft, bouncy surface and not on a boat. And that reason is to land safely after your dismount.  

I could just buy a PG rowboat. But then what do we do if we get in the mood while using it? We'd have to ruin the moment to go allllll the way to the back yard to get to the sex hammock. Or inside the house to fire up the sex toaster. But if I choose the adult rowboat, we could drown. (We'd drown happy, but we'd still drown.)

Decisions, decisions.

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