At the Bowling Alley

This video is the Pins & Grins comedy show from last Thursday evening. (Thank you for recording this,Geo Meek!) The lovely and talented ZoeyNewlon hosted the evening! She and her husband, comic C (a.k.a. PhotographerC Bender), organized the event and did a great job of it! 

My set starts at roughly 29:25. I decided to work the shoe rental booth while I talked - I didn't need the extra challenge of trying to use mouse look to aim and bowl while I tried to perform. I managed to upload a texture to make a Pins & Grins staff "Ball Washer" t-shirt moments before the show started. (It was a very busy and stressful week in RL.)

One of my friends gave me the idea of having a morning stand-up comedy event for the people on the other side of the word who can't make it to a show during Second Life Time evening hours. So maybe I'll suggest to Zoey and C that we have something called Comics & Crêpes? or Pancakes & Puns? Snark & Snausages?

I hope you enjoy the video!

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