AAAAAAAAAH!!!! Sunlight!!!!

"But it's the sun, I'm not suppose to be in the sun!" 

"Well, I'm a fairy, I want to be in the sun."

"You can shove it, I'm leaving to find some shadows to haunt."

My little ghosty was not impressed. I'm not here to impress tho, never have been, so I let him go about his way. If you want an angry little ghost of your own, Plastik has given one out as a group gift right now. You can get a more happy one at The Liaison Collaborative's current round, if you feel the need for a matching set. They are actually holdables, set to your right arm, it just didn't work with my pose, so I set him out as a follower pet by re-positioning him.

If you like them, there is matching jewerly for sale, also at The Liaison Collaborative, aptly names Booh, which I am also wearing.

[EvelineintheBox] has this dress out right now, in 3 variations. The one I am wearing was a one day sale version, which I sadly did not get up in time, but the good news for you, is the 3 versions currently out are at even more of a discount than this one is! For today and all of tomorrow they are up at the store for only L$25.

Did a closeup shot, cause it is always hard to see things in the artsy ones.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Together Apart in Night
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Flora in Back
Skin - AlaskaMetro - Columbia Skin - Free Dove Gift
Eyes - Clemmm - Common Gacha Prize @ Tag Gacha
Lashes - Natural Beauty - Lashes 15 - L$1
Makeup - Through the Looking Glass - Gothic Opera Makeup in Noir - Free
Hands - Slink (Read more...)

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