My Yard Sale Yard

This chair is so comfortable and a bargain at $25L!
Here I am babysitting my yard sale stuff at the Gachaopolis! yard sale. I don't have any milkshakes to bring you to my yard sale yards, so I will have to tempt you with things like this:

A bumblebee balloon hat! I have one too, so if you buy this we can hang out together and be twinsies!
Who doesn't need a bumblebee balloon hat?? Or a number 4, re-sizable birthday candle? Or a surfboard buffet table that will be perfect for your next luau?? Ribbon candy? Mistletoe? Boho jewelry?

At the moment I have two spaces here (the ones shown in the picture above), but I'm hoping to be able to sell enough to consolidate to the single space near the end of the wall there. I still have some stuff that I need to put out once I have room for it - like extra poses (and once I make room to display these poses, I will have milkshakes to bring people to my yard!). Even though I don't have the world's most visible spot, I've sold a good number of items. Do you see anything you like? I probably have even more of it in my inventory. Sigh.

I'm so happy that I was able to rent space at this yard sale area. I think it gets really good traffic and it's nice and organized. (I believe that it's the old The Pea gacha yard sale area.) Half of the sim is a featured yard sale for a current, large gacha event (right now that's the September Arcade) so people can easily buy and sell their extra items. The other half of the sim is a public yard (Read more...)

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