Questionable Product Packaging

Can you spot the shopping bag in the photo above? Nope - that's my boob. Try again. If you guessed the giant fairy that I am standing next to, you guessed correctly. 

I picked up this shopping bag at the Aloha Fair last month. I am trying not to think about where she was hiding the gift inside of a bikini and sunglasses. 

I admire the creativity of not using a plain plywood cube as a package, but this is 14 prims, gave off particles, and is taller than my avatar. Also, she startled me into thinking someone had TPd into my workshop and was watching me try on clothing.

While I'm at it, I might as well share some packaging pet peeves and loves.

Packaging Pet Peeves:

  • Wants to animate me.
  • Asks me to join a group.
  • Takes up more than 10 prims.
  • Is transparent on one side (because I always end up standing on the wrong side so I can't see it, keep re-rezzing it thinking there was an SL glitch, and end up with 533 copies of it rezzed before I realize what's happening).  
  • Looks like it wants to make a move on my husband.

Packaging Loves: 

  • Identifies what is inside.
  • Includes a snapshot of the product.
  • I don't have to rez it to unpack it. (HUDs are a nice trend.)

I'm not going to identify the store using this packaging because I don't want to look a gift fairy in the mouth. Nor do I wish to embarrass the box herself; that's why I put a black box over her eyes. I don't want her sparkle fairy friends to recognize her and make fun of her. At least she is doing honest work: she coul (Read more...)

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