While big elements of a design may draw our eyes, it is the details that win our hearts. Sure, I love the beautiful color combinations in this floral crown and in this dress, but it is the beautiful butterfly and seed pods and the gorgeous ruching that make them special.


I love how this look came together, the bold dress from Valentina E. is a perfect foil for the organic modernism of Kunglers jewelry and cheeky retro-chic of the undo from Vanity Hair – and each item has exquisite attention to detail.

The Valentina E. dress is called Miranda and can be found at FaMESHed. I love the rushing on the sides that make is so body conscious. I love the contrasting edging at the collar and hem and how they are so very different in dimension. I also love that it has a script inside that spoke to my Maitreya body and told it exactly which alpha cuts to use so I did not have to mess around clicking and choosing.

I love how the Glamistry heels allow me to replicate the idea of those bands of contrasting fabric in show leather. I reversed the colors, though, just to avoid being too matchy-matchy, using a dark band against the light body.

I love the three color ombre and how naturally the red melts into lavender and the lavender into white. I love how the hair that is fasted higher shifts color higher up – naturally.


I love the exquisite details in Kunglers jewelry.The contrasting colors of the jewels, the confidence to put these colors together.

I love the details in L (Read more...)

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