SLife Hack: Adding vs Wearing

These puppies are attached to me - in both the literal and figurative senses.
Did you know that you can wear up to 60 layers and 38 attachments on your avatar all at the same time? It's true! To take advantage of this, you just need to use the ADD function instead of the WEAR function.  

Many of you already know how to do this, but learning "how to SL" is catch-as-catch-can and things get missed. What if someone stumbled upon this blog who happens to be very tired of accidentally taking off Mr. Happy every time they want to wear shoes? I'm going to give an explanation of how to wear both at the same time - even though in this example, you shouldn't. (I think men look funny when they are naked except for footwear.) 

I use the Official Viewer, but the process is usually similar in other viewers. If you wish to wear multiple layers that are the same type - like tattoos, alpha layers, system shirts, etc. - or attach more than one item to a attachment point on your avatar, ADD it. If you wish to remove what you currently have on that layer/attachment point and replace it with something else, WEAR it. Here is how:

  1. Right click on the item in your inventory.
  2. Select ADD or WEAR from the drop down menu. WEAR when you wish to replace an item. ADD when you wish to layer multiple items.
  3. When you are ADDing layers, remember that the last one added is on top and most visible. You may need to add things in a different order so everything (Read more...)

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