SLaundry Issues?

Hi! If you're like me, you change your clothing in SL constantly. We have to if we want to have a chance of wearing everything we've bought in this SLifetime! And all of the flying I do means perspiration stains are a real concern. Our laundry piles up fast! 

I need laundry products that are economical and effective. That's why I've made GRID Laundry Detergent and FLEXI fabric softener sheets my SLaundry team! Together, they handle all of my laundry needs: prims, sculptties, system and applier layers, and mesh. They're even gentle enough for your delicate alpha layers! 

Plus, both GRID and FLEXI are specially formulated with MeshNoMod - a proprietary blend of radioactive chemicals that keep standard sizes from shrinking!

Trust me: nothing is tougher on greasy teleportation stains than GRID! GRID keeps your textures bright! Because it rinses clean, you won't suffer the embarrassment of cloudy alphas.

FLEXI fabric softener sheets reduce system layer static like a champ! I can layer with ease! Clothes come out of the dryer as wrinkle free as our avatars' faces! And, no matter how long something has been in a folder in my inventory, FLEXI keeps it smelling as fresh as laundry day! 

Don't risk looking like a noob - try GRID and FLEXI today! Buy some now wherever Thorne Industries products are sold! 

(Hey, if other blogs can have "sponsors", then this blog can have commercials.)

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