SL12B: Breaking News!

This is Tymmerie Thorne at the scene of an crash at SL12B's We are All Children of the Same World exhibit by Sanna JupiterAuthorities tell us there are no injuries, but that jeep is going to need a front end alignment, at the very least! I hope the owner had insurance - and by "insurance", I mean I hope it was 'copy'. 

What you see behind me is the result of a tragic sim crossing glitch. Unlike many other sim crossings on the grid, no warning signs were posted. Linden Lab staffers - who asked not to be identified - say that that this particular sim crossing has been in serious need of repairs for several years. Questions remain about when Governor Linden will address crumbling SLinfrastructure.  

At this time it is unknown whether or not the driver was DWWD - driving while wearing a demo, which may have blocked his sight. This reporter wonders why the driver didn't undress completely before crossing from sim to sim. Ummm... One moment, Ladies and Gentlemen.... My producers are telling me that most people do not undress when going over sim crossings. Huh.  

Don't forget that the SL12B sims are still open for you to explore until July 4th!

This has been Tymmerie Thorne, live at SL12B for SLaction News!

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