Cutest Product Packaging EVER

The other day, I heard about a new (to me) store called Caboodle. When I teleported over to check it out, I saw an adorable caboodle case on the counter. But it wasn't for sale! So, I IM'd one of the store owners and asked where I could buy one. She surprised me by sending one to me and let me know that the caboodle is the product packaging they use! CUTEST IDEA EVER!

Every woman I know has fond memories of their first Caboodles case. When I close my eyes and think of the 80s, I think of my first Caboodles case stuffed with Bonnie Belle makeup, Village Lip Lickers tins, and hair scrunchies. I also think that if my parents had owned their own Caboodles in the 80s, they would have stuffed theirs with liquor or Valium - because I was a ridiculous teenager. 

This package beats a box or bag any day! And it really beats packaging that wants to animate you and/or asks you to join a group when you are just trying to get to the stuff you bought. I joined the Caboodle store group because they have some cute group gifts right now (for men and women). The group gifts were packaged in caboodle cases, too.  

I wish more creators would make their product packages useful like this. Every time I see it on my vanity table, I'm immediately reminded of their store. Creators: your packaging is a part of your marketing mix, too. Don't waste the opportunity! 

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