Belleza Skin Applier Updates

Happy to announce we have fully updated our Belleza appliers to be compatible with Tricky’s new release of Freya, Isis & Venus 3. Prior to this update AlterEgo did not support the Belleza hands or feet so this is an exciting addition. Customers who purchased Belleza appliers AFTER June 10th, have already been sent a delivery. Customer who are interested in obtaining an update for appliers purchased prior to this date, need to follow a few simple instructions on how to receive your copy.

Please send me [TOXXIC RHIANNYR] a notecard [CREATED BY YOU] with this title “Belleza Applier – YOURNAMEHERE” Inside the notecard I will accept transaction history from your dashboard OR if you purchased them some time ago, we will accept screenshots of your inv & property details, showing your name on the product. Cross checking your update request with instore purchases of skins and tones will be conducted on each customer. If something does not add up correctly, you will be instructed to actually buy the applier.


Belleza Body Appliers are 350L each tone.

If you are unsure how to take a screenshot of your screen, I use a free program called Gyazo, Im sure alot of people are familiar with this sweet tool. This program allows you to take a snapshot of your screen and will provide a URL you can paste anywhere and viewers can click it and peep your piccy. I encourage you, when taking screenshots in sl, to steer clear from showing to much of your UI, (Read more...)

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