Beach Illustrated; Fitmesh Hair

     faMESHed opened today with some great items. My Cae jewelry set is really cool. It has 5 necklace strands and you can turn them on or off via HUD. A few of them have jewels and stones that you can change as well. I love that each pendant is different and unique. My Miss Chelsea fitmesh bikini is so cute and SEQUINS! I love sequins. I have trouble passing up anything with sequins, glitter, irridescent, or pink. I love the metal details on this bikini too. It is really well done. The sexy poses that make this post possible are called Beach Illustrated 2015 by NanTra and available at Designer Showcase. As you would imagine they are a set of sexy poses designed for your summer bikini picture shots and they are all great. 

     Here is a close up of this unique Cae necklace. I love all the pieces and parts! The other thing I wanted to talk about in this post is my fitmesh hair. Yes, hair! This hair is from DeLa at Summerfest and it comes with a fitmesh version which perfectly fit over my shape. My boobs are larger than standard sizes but not as large as Lolas so the "boob" size hair usually had quite a bit of space between my boob and the hair. However the regular size hair goes inside my boob, so often neither size fits as well as I would like. This DeLa fitmesh hair fits me perfectly and I really love the style too. 

Bikini: .miss chelsea. Chain Bikini  Platinum Sequin Maitreya @ faMESHed
Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Oriana" Blon (Read more...)

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