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Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.

The LookHair Besom Farmer Girl @ Shiny ShabbyDress C'est La Vie!  Maisie dress blue @ Shiny ShabbyPose Flowey Walkin 
Location Derailed 
Now Playing  Country Roads by John Denver

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Pretty in Pink Showing off all My Slink!

Good evening, I have a few goodies for you for your mesh body obsessions. My avatar consists of Slink's Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250), Visage Head, Becky (L$2,550), AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance High Feet (L$675).
The Visage Head Pack (L$2,550), comes with five standard body shapes, mesh head, five mesh alphas, three base skins, a neck patch and the Visage Utilities HUD, which offers twelve expressions along with various options to open/close eyes, hide different layers and clear current settings.
The Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250) comes with a mesh body, five body alphas, six base skins, A dress, an underwear applier HUD, Physics layer, Physique Utilities HUD to control alpha cuts, tattoo layers, underwear layers and clothing layers. For those who have never tried an mesh body before please understand this is not a "shape" or "skin" its a mesh body layer that lays on top of your shape much like mesh clothing. You can use your own shape with it, you do not have to use the included shapes.… Read the rest

Seraseeya, Watcher of the River of Souls

Seraseeya was an unusual creature. With a foot in both worlds, she was neither human, nor fully a beast. Her mother was a harpy who had the unfortunate accident of picking a human male as a mate. We wont go into details, but the result was Seraseeya, and her 3 other sisters. Things were not too bad to start. The Harpy Broodmothers could tell there was something a bit different about them, they had funny feet and they lacked claws on their hands. There was not a feather on their head, nor much hair to speak of.  They let them be, thinking they would grow into their features. As the years passed, it became apparent that there was indeed something wrong, they looked more human, than harpy. This would not do. More story and credits below the cut. Late one night, a group of Broodmothers crept up on Seraseeya’s family nest. Before her mother could so much as shriek, 2 of Seraseeya’s siblings were murdered. Seraseeya, who just happened to be the strongest of the brood, took her remaining sister, and fled, fumbling in the sky, with the extra load of her whimpering sister.… Read the restHelena Stringer - IOF - Seraseeya - 1

Visit the Okinawa Summer Festival!

Plan a long visit to Japan for this great seasonal event – Okinawa Summer Festival! There are over 40 vendors to browse through, along with live DJ performances, and a photography contest packed with prizes. Just be sure to plan your vacation before the festival wraps up on August 24th! Teleport to Okinawa Summer Festival

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The Fantasy Collective Goes Woodland!

Calling all Elves and Fairies, Nymphs and Satyrs, and all lovers of fantasy, The Fantasy Collective has opened its doors for July with some incredible goodies from the Woodlands!  You have until doors close on this fantasyland on August 15th to skip on in and shop till you drop! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to The Fantasy Collective < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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I do what I do

  You know how sometimes you have this whole scene in your head and you try so hard to make it happen? So this is what happened, okay. I pictured this at Virtual Decay, this one leaning pose I made some time ago…against the bike, chillin lookin like a badass right? So, I go to Virtual Decay and there's no more temp rezzing. *SADTIMES, PEOPLE* I was so like, what do I do where do I go LOL. So I asked for other sort of dark, seedy urban places to try and got this one. Now, it wasn't where I was trying to take the pic but when I saw this brothel sign I had the weirdest urge to take the pic in front of it. Call me quirky. So, I did, changed up the pose and there you have it. I still think V is a badass though. I mean honestly, not that many people have such a good core that they can lean on a bike with no feet on the floor and not crack their skull. This is a pop muh collar moment, fo sho. ​ -Glam Affair – Artemis – Summer Girl – Jamaica 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
[monso] My Goth Set – Black Choker
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 A few man things, so you can take you man out shopping and grab him some free stuff too. Credits Mesh Avatar - Not AvailableHair - Exile - Hair Fair 2015 Booth GiftJacket, Shirt & Tie Combo - B&W Design - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)Shorts - MadCat Creations - Menstuff Hunt Gift (still out)Glasses - Remarkable Oblivion - Group Gift (Fee to Join - L$50) Pose - PosESioN - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)

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Fruit Not Lollipops!

Have you ever tried to reason with a toddler? It never ends well, someone always ends up in tears and it is usually the adult. This is what happened recently when I tried to have a healthy treat time with my adorably stubborn niece Livy. You see I went through all the work of making, fine buying, a whole bunch of yummy fruity treats for us to have in a little backyard afternoon camp out. Sorry you won't catch me actually sleeping under the stars unless you could a skylight. However a certain small someone had other ideas, specifically some lollipops. I still am baffled about where she pulled those from. I mean here I spent good money on a cute watermelon grill and tons of fruit kebabs. I thought she would love eating them. She obviously likes to eat fruit flavored things on sticks, just not actual fruit.

I took a little breather to try and recoup and not lose my marbles. I finally thought up a compromise that did the trick. She got to eat one lollipop, but only after she ate some fruit, either on a skewer or in a popsicle form.… Read the restTrying to reason

Summer at the Beach

Hello Readers! Going to the beach has always been a production for me in RL, from when I was a child to now in taking children (and dogs) to the beach. I always wish I lived closer to the beach so it wouldn’t have to be this way. I have avoided the beach for years because of this (and traffic), then this summer I threw out that mindset and just went. I didn’t make a production of it, I simply allowed myself and my son only one bag each and we had to make that work. And it did! We packed our one bag of only what was needed, hopped in the car and went. It was surprisingly easy and without any hassle at all. I really do have to kick myself for so many years not going to the beach because of all my previous experiences. All it took was a change in mindset. So here I am with beach at the beach thanks to KaTink‘s “Hello Summer 7″ background. I am also in a KaTink pose called Demi 10. The Body Art Hunt is still going on this month and I am wearing quite a few great designs from that event.… Read the restBody Art 072215 pm

LOTD #203

Left Body:::Phoenix:::  Audrey HairSlink - Physique Mesh Body - Hands Casual - Hight Feet
Clothes::db Dollz:: Innocence Denim Vest // Blue {@The Showroom}::db Dollz:: Innocence Dress// Black FitmeshGlamistry  - Echium Heels                                              Acessories^^Swallow^^  Bird Collection  (Earing and Ring)
Pose .::IDK::. Pack 61_02
RightBody:::Phoenix::: Bella HairSlink - Physique Mesh Body - Hands Casual - Hight Feet
Clothes [R3] - Lana Turtleneck TopCreep - Laced - RedGlamistry  - Parrasana Heels 
Acessories=Zenith= Crystal Scar Nacklacealaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure - "Candy Apple"...Mutresse...  Muci Clutch - 13 Colors
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igotdressed 2015-07-22 13:24:37

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top Addams // Sirena Top NEW @ kustom9 hair Beusy: Dust V.2 Hair White Root @ IDK Event jeans [monso] My Ripped Jean – Denim (girls) @ kustom9 boots [Co57] ALENA WEDGE BOOT SHORT bag .Shi : Croco Leather Bag [MESH Unrigged – Red] blazer .: ryvolter :. Ola Shoulder Tuxedo Blazer – White mesh head lelutka Mesh Head-LEDA skin  [theSkinnery] London (LeLutka Meshhead) waist shirt  AMITOMO.Long T-shirt +Waist Shirt #set2

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The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it ~Hubert H. Humphrey Current bid on the Skip Staheli picture is 15,000 Lindens. Bidding ends July 26,2015. The first picture, which can be taken with me in the background with you, (I was thinking ala Hitchock style)  with the style of your choice. And my besty Skip has very graciously announced he will offer a Second picture of you for FREE! See why I love him so much? Follow this LINK to see some of his other work. To bid, you only need to contact me via one of the many different ways found at the very bottom of the page at this link,  HERE or simply by dropping an inworld NC to, Caoimhe Lionheart (yep that’s the name I go by inworld)  However as many of you know, I’m not inworld an awful lot, so NC will probably be more reliable than an IM though email at is probably your fastest response. :) You know me, Ms Indecisively Decisive ( I’m sure that’s what it said on the birth certificate I gave FB) ;) Anywho, if you still can’t find me, contact Draakje Dailey, she’s usually stalking me anyway and can tell you exactly where I am.… Read the rest8389141619_d1a572f251_o

Courtly Intrigues

It is one of those rare occasions when Ran finally has something new to wear, this time courtesy of Anachron. He’s also got a nice new long hair from Calico, a Hair Fair release just like my veiled style from Oblivion, which is matched to a new gown from Luminary. In the background, curtains by Paper Moon provide a dash of colour. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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The Lexi Project – opens July 26th

I’ve wrote this blog post many many times and I keep erasing to start over, if this was a RL report, there would be crumbled up wads of paper all around the floor xD. Anywho I wanted to type an updated blog post to let you all know the wonderful things that are firing up at The Lexi Project. We have a confirmed list of 298 designers with more requests to join pouring in every hour / and we are accepting every single one. Our sign up form is NOT an application, if you are a creator either with a inworld store or marketplace page, you are welcome to join this event. 100% of the proceeds from sales are going directly to Lexi Zelin for medical bills and expenses. I have had the pleasure of speaking to Lexi a few times in the past couple of days, she has updated me with her latest information and today I ask for everyone to keep her in your thoughts, prayers & hearts. Just a few moments ago, I received a IM from her, letting me know she is on her way to the hospital to have the port inserted, prepping her for chemo.… Read the resttlp

Dans la Ville

-.Body&Cosmetics.- Hair: Besom – Coutry Girl – (Gothics) @Shiny Shabby – NEW Head: Genesis Lab – Jiang – Asian Mesh Head @Shiny Shabby – NEW  Skin: Genesis Lab – Sun-Hi – (Caramel) @Shiny Shabby – NEW  Lipstick: Genesis Lab – Caramel Explosion Appliers @Shiny Shabby – NEW  Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body (v.3.4) (FALTA DIRECCION) -.Clothes&Accessories.- Dress:::C’est la vie!:: Maisie-dress  (Peach) @Shiny Shabby – NEW  Shoes: [BREATHE]-Escapade […]

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Punci ♥ Rebrand

Dear Customers of Punci, Our last status was not shared enough and we feel you all should know the truth about it! SHARE ALERT PLEASE! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to re-brand Punci. Don’t worry though, we’re under new ownership and a new name and we’ll strive to bring you the very best. Unfortunately the “mypunci resident” avatar was STOLEN by the partner who was suppose to help but instead they tried to take everything from the TRUE and ORIGINAL creator. This person can’t script/texture the nails or make them work as the ORIGINAL owner did. The TRUE original owner (Sidofox Zsun) OWNS the website and files/scripts. *Any work relating to PUNCI inworld or on marketplace and their profile is FALSE information.* As of right now, we request that you no longer purchase from the mypunci avatar as this switch is being made. Customers who purchased AFTER July 18th will not receive updates so please do not purchase, we can’t assist you on these.… Read the restlogo

Humpday Hunting – The Body is a Fortress Hunt

Hey Guys, today is something a little different for Humpday Hunting. I wont be covering a whole bunch of hunts today, but focusing on one single hunt.
The Body is a Fortress Hunt is ending today. It is a simple hunt, with very few stops all in the same area.
It is being hosted on the Relay for Life -Relay Weekend sims. 
You are looking for 9 little "Heros", each being something that helps fight cancer. As you go through the hunt, you will receive notecards, and each card has a picture of the next "Hero" so you will always know what you are looking for.
Your start location is at the Relay Hub HERE. You MUST get the hunt starter pack here, or you will have a very hard time doing the hunt, as there is more than 9 sims. You need the pack for the landmark to the first location.

The last "Hero" you find will have a notecard which has the tp to the gifts location. All gifts are located in one handy little building. As this is an RFL event, many of the gifts are purple, so if you aren't a fan of the colour, this might not be the hunt for you.… Read the rest


CLOTHINGtop: [Decoy] Zanza Halter - Cotton Candyskirt: ::HH:: Hucci  Bluebell Skirt - Dark shoes: 20.FIVE: Rejoin Heels *NEW*BODYhair: ::Exile::Quiet Waters Hair Fair 2015hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casualfeet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet V2.2 - Highnail polish: VIVID nail polish pack 3body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4skin: Glam Affair- Artemis - Summer Girl - Jamaica E *Fifty Linden Friday*eyelashes: L. Fauna- lashed & underlashes & *REDGRAVE* Number 6eyeliner: -Belleza-  eyeliner 1labret : .HoD.- Dimpled Piercingeyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes - ClarityPOSESpose:  Frooti

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no.match at Hair Fair 2015

Romantic hair! Continue reading →

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no.match at Hair Fair 2015

Romantic hair! Continue reading →

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