WANTED: Transferable Men’s Demos

Often while shopping, I run across things I think the special guy in my life might like to buy. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to help someone shop in SL. 

Here is what I go through if I see something he needs or might like: 
  1. Write down the item name and store and/or take a snapshot of the item to remember it and show him.
  2. Grab a landmark for him.
  3. Wait for him to log in, not be busy, and have some free time.
  4. TP with him to the store.
  5. Find the item again.
  6. Wait for him to get a demo and try it on if he likes it.
  7. Give my opinion on how it looks and if I think it's a good buy.
  8. Watch while he buys the item and then loses it in his massive inventory - never to be seen again unless I remind him about it and tell him what it was named. 
If this strikes you as a ridiculous process, that is because it is. A transferable demo would cut SIX steps out of the above process.(I give up on Step 8 - that's with us forever, I think.) 

If he mentions that he needs a specific item, I scout for it to help save him some time. But, it would be a lot easier if I could give him the demos. He'd probably spend more money in SL, too. I know I'd buy more things for him if it was easier to get a demo to him. 

Please give us demos that we can give to men easily so they can try things on at their leisure. While some demos are on the marketplace, not all of them are. Event things aren't. 

It is such a pain in the behind to do all of this that oftentimes, I just say oh (Read more...)

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