Visiting the Moonbase: What to Pack

The first time I went to Moonbase, I didn't wear a costume and it was nice. The next time I went, I dressed up as an astronaut and it was a blast. Coincidence? Nope.

Have you been to the Moonbase? You have to go. But before you go I have some packing tips for you. You can pack lightly, but be certain to bring: 
  • Space suit.
  • Oxygen.
  • Camming skills.
  • Change of space underwear.
  • Your favorite adult beverage. 

Moonbase is very detailed and looks great. I absolutely recommend that you go explore and take cool pictures. In fact, I need to you go there and explore so that you can figure out how to get inside the buildings and tell me how you did it. 

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get inside the buildings. You would expect that you would be able to get inside and stay a while (The change of underwear is for a longer visit.) because the inside of the buildings are really intricate. I found chairs, a locker/changing room, and buttons to click that actually do things inside the buildings. I'm very confused. 

On the Destination Guide, someone commented that the scripts for opening the doors are broken and The Lab just hasn't bothered to fix them. I am exactly as surprised as you are by that revelation. But even if the door scripts are broken, we should be able to sit somewhere and get in that way, right? GAWD!

Once you've taken the edge off of your irritation at Linden Lab with a few sips of your adult beverage, you can get your hands on a proper sp (Read more...)

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