Stuff to do in SL: What You Need to Know for SL12B

I look annoyed here because I have just realized that my microphone is bigger than my head.
Someone needs to take pity on me someday and make a really great mesh microphone with news reporter animations - into which I can put my own textures - so that I can buy it and be a proper freelance SLaction News Reporter. 

In case it isn't obvious from the logos on my microphone and t-shirt (that I made myself), SL12B starts soon! In fact, the SL12B sims open to the public tomorrow, June 21st at noon SLT. Since the place is so big, I am linking to a page with SLURLS to specific stages (for events) and for specific exhibitors

You have until Saturday, July 4th to visit the sims. (You'll see posters and signs that make it appear as though the event closes earlier than that, but the sims will actually be open longer for your exploring pleasure. Saying it ends earlier makes no sense to me, but what do I know? Sigh.)

NOTE: You'll want to go to the Cake stage on Sunday, June 21 at 4 pm SLT  to see Lauren Weyland (SL's Greatest Comedianperform some comedy! 

There are two gift areas: one on the Spectacular sim and one on the Impressive sim. SL12B also features a prize hunt called the SL12BIG Hunt. I haven't seen any previews of the gifts or hunt prizes, but that is no surprise because no one ever tells me anything. 

The theme for this year's celebration is "What Dreams May Come." I like it! Especially since my very first post on this blog wa (Read more...)

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